Magnificent Sunset from a Boat at Bhumibol Dam, Thailand

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Magnificent Sunset from a Boat22.jpg

If you can remember, “Bhumibol Dam” is the largest and beautiful dam in Thailand, referring to my old post,

Today, I would like to show you new sets of photos of the scenery of the lake above the dam. I think the beauty of the scenery is totally different from the area beneath the dam that you saw in my mentioned post.

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat10.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat11.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat2.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat3.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat4.jpg

In the meantime, I would like to tell you that I loved traveling by boat.

In the past, I, my parent, and all members of our family usually visited beautiful islands in the South of Thailand. I really had wonderful times while traveling by boat.

Although there was only water and sky, I can feel refreshed and relaxed from the breeze and the waves can make me feel excited as well. Besides, the islands in the far distance were also really enjoyable view.

Yeah! I much appreciate the surrounding nature closely and peacefully. I can say that all of my trips by boat are awesome trips and these created good memories for me.

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat1.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat21.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat19.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat20.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat7.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat6.jpg

By the way, my utmost dream is to see the sunset while traveling by boat, but I have not yet experienced it with my own eyes.

When I was a child, I loved to draw the scenery of sunset over the sea and between or beside the mountains.

Yeah! When my sister sent me these photos, I found out that this sunset scenery is exactly what I want to see…. "This sunset over the lake between and beside the mountains" is really magnificent, especially when seen from the boat.

The reflection of the sunlight on the water is always my favorite. Very gorgeous and fascinating indeed!

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat15.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat16.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat5.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat18.jpg

Magnificent Sunset from a Boat8.jpg

Do you agree with me?

Unfortunately, I just realized recently that I was afraid of traveling by boat… So, it's sad that my dream will never come true!

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy these photos.... ;)


I can think how you were enjoyable this relaxation tour. The boat safari experience really incredible lifestyle for me. Your photography collection so cool. Fresh air attacked and giving hugs to you definitely.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm happy that you like the photos. Traveling by boat is really good experience for me, too. I can imagine how fresh air attack and give hugs to me. ;)

Very nice photos! It's too bad you are afraid of traveling by boat. It's a really beautiful and peaceful experience. And of course you can wear a life jacket just in case something happens.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the photos.

I agree with you that it's a really beautiful and peaceful experience while traveling by boat.

It's unfortunate that I cannot swim, I'm afraid that wearing a life jacket may not help in my case; i.e. I don't even know how to float on the water, etc. Many thanks for your suggestion and for your kind concern about my fear. ;)

Wow Beautiful place & excellent photography

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the photos and the place. ;)

Such a beautiful sight to look at so relaxing and peaceful wonderful clicks you shared

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Yeah! I love that it's relaxing and peaceful, too. ;)

So nice to be on a speed boat!! I would go swimming as well!
It’s too hot so it wound be lovely to be at the dam.

Yeah! I would love to stay among the nice nature at the dam now. And if I can swim, I would spend many hours in the lake. It's really hot here indeed. Thanks a lot for your nice comment and for stopping by. ;)

Oh! You don't know how to swim!
Really?! You ought to learn; it's very easy!

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Thanks so much for your kind suggestion regarding swimming as well as the exchange of the cryptos.

It's not very easy for me to learn how to swim now. I think I'm too old for it. Haha! ;D

Nay! It is never too late to learn to swim! You could just try in the shallow side of the swimming pool!
This will give you confidence when traveling in a boat.

Have a nice day.

Thanks so much for your suggestion. "It is never too late to learn to swim"....this sentence may work for anyone except me! Apart from too old, I'm also too shy to wear swimming suit. Haha! ;D

Thanks for your wish. Have a wonderful day! ;)

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Yeah! I'm happy to be here as well. ;)

It's unfortunate that I don't log-in via and I don't know how to do that....