My good memory of Singapore

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Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that I have ever visited. It’s very close to Thailand, so my mother decided to join the tour group and traveled there by bus. I was lucky that she chose me to accompany her for this trip.

Yeah! It’s the first trip for me to go outside Thailand. I was in high school and that’s during the summer holidays. I felt so excited and really happy.

Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world, so my first impression, when arrived in Singapore, was that the places were very clean. I admired their people on their discipline since then.

We visited Sentosa Island which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore. We went there by boat and came back by cable car. Really wonderful experience! (Luckily, at that time, I wasn’t afraid of traveling by boat…;D)

Besides, we enjoyed shopping at “Orchard Road” for hours. There were various shops and many things to buy.

Modern buildings in Singapore were also in my good memory. I was so excited when I found myself standing among the tall and beautiful buildings in the city.

It’s unfortunate that we took only a few photos and they are not in good condition for posting here.

Recently, my brother visited Singapore for his business trip (before the spreader of COVID-19), he took photos of beautiful modern buildings beside the sea for me.



One of the outstanding building is “The Marina Bay Sands”, as you will see in the below photos. Ah! It is an amazing building and has unique architecture indeed.

(It’s unfortunate that this building hadn’t built yet at the time I visited Singapore.)



These are my good memory of Singapore.

For me, Singapore is worth visiting and I think there are many more new things that are interesting. So, I wish to travel there again someday….

p.s. Of course, the huge wonderful clouds in the first three photos are my favorite, as you may know. ;))))


Ah! I just saw your post!!
Never been to Singapore though I had friends there! Don’t like airplane!! LoL

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Um! I don't like airplane, too. I was lucky that I traveled to Singapore by bus (tour) at that time.... ;))

Hahaha! You and I don’t like airplane!
But you could sit in bus, I will not last more than two hours!

Have a nice day!

Haha! You will not last more than two hours on the bus, but you can travel by train for many hours from Bangkok to Nongkhai... ;D I myself love to travel by train, too. ;)

Have a wonderful week! ;))

Thank you! Yup! Train is good for traveling.

I totally agree with you! ;)

You were excited about standing into that building? But where? I couldn't find it? lol

True, that one you pointed is indeed amazing it's architectural.

Oh, it's been a while, hello there.😉

Hello! Thanks a lot for your comment and for stopping by. It's been a while.....

Haha! Please just imagine for those buildings that I was excited..... Since it's a very long time ago, my photos are not in good condition to share with you here. These photos came from my brother's recent trip! That's why you couldn't find it. ;D

Yeah! I would be certainly much more excited if I visit Singapore again as it seems that there are many new beautiful buildings there at present.... ;)))

I will be easy for you I think since it's not far from where you live. We are also part of Asia but the fare of a plane seems like a gold to us. hahaha

Ah! I totally agree with you, "the fare of a plane seems like a gold to us".... Haha! ;D