Nam Tok Kao Chon or Kao Chon Waterfall - a nice natural place for relaxing in Ratchaburi province, Thailand - Part I

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Nam Tok Kao Chon23.jpg

"Nam Tok Kao Chon" or "Kao Chon Waterfall" is situated in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. It is not far away from Bangkok. (approx. 1.30 hours driving by car) It has nice atmosphere with plenty of green trees, so you can feel relaxed and refreshed while you are there. (This was from my brother’s trip recently.)

Nam Tok means waterfall

Kao means nine

Chon means level (I think this word is local language)

This waterfall has 9 levels. Each level has its own beauty. The top one is the most beautiful level.

It’s unfortunate that my brother reached this waterfall in the late afternoon, so he cannot climb up to the top before the sunset.

Here below are photos of some levels that he successfully reached.

2nd level......

Nam Tok Kao Chon3.jpg

3rd level.....

Nam Tok Kao Chon11.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon10.jpg

4th level.....

Nam Tok Kao Chon17.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon25.jpg

Anyway, I love all of the photos that he provided to me because of the greenery of the forest at the waterfall. Besides, the water looks cool, clean, and clear.

Ah! These look relaxing and refreshing indeed.

Nam Tok Kao Chon19.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon22.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon24.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon18.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon26.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon5.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon12.jpg

Nam Tok Kao Chon29.jpg

If you are a nature lover, like me, I bet that you would spend your time there for hours with your family or your friends or your lovers.

Yeah! It’s a relaxing place for everybody indeed.


Didn’t know there are waterfalls in that province! The area looks so green and the rocks seem very old!

It would be nice to visit this waterfall one day!

Have a nice weekend!

Yes, it's beautiful waterfall with very nice atmosphere. Many thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful weekend, too! ;)

Hola @tangmo, que lugar tan maravilloso, me encanta esa cascada. naturaleza maravillosa. las fotos son geniales. Me encanta.

Hi! @mirla33! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm happy that you like this waterfall. It's very nice place for relaxing indeed. ;)