People are getting vaccinated just so they can travel. Here's some countries that you don't need to be vaxxed for.

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I am not really a fan of this entire vaccine thing to be honest with you. The level of disruption that Covid, I think unnecessarily caused all of our lives over the past near 2 years is unprecedented throughout recorded history. I would like to think that some heads are going to roll over the fact that this happened, but since rich people are probably behind it I would say there is probably very little chance of that happening.


I know a lot of people that have gotten the vaccine and I know a few people that don't have it. Most of the people that I know that aren't vaccinated are going to do so. I actually know very few people that are hardcore opposed to it but then there is a another class of people: They are anti-vax but they want to travel and this is the only way that they are going to be able to do so.

I find this to be the most sad of all for the people who do not want it, do not think it is necessary, are in a low-risk group but live in a country that will not let them leave if they are not vaccinated.

The people I am referring to are from Europe and Singapore and I am not really sure if they are correct about the not being allowed to travel at all but there is a lot of talk about quarantine for those who are not vaccinated and the folks that I am talking about are not the kind of people that can afford that especially since quarantine hotels tend to be bigger hotel type operations that are conducting it and you have to pay for daily covid tests as well.

I don't know if you have been through a covid test but I have been through a couple and they are not nice experiences.

I am one of the people that doesn't want the vaccine and am not going to get it until it is forced upon me, then I will sue if it is my own government that does this. I am fortunate though because I have worked remotely for over a decade and that is unlikely to change and it kind of makes me sick to hear about people who do not want the vaccine being coerced into it with stuff getting taken away from them piece by piece until they really don't have a choice but to get vaccinated.


Every now and then I will end up talking to someone - normally online- and the conversation gets a bit heated about this statistic or that and the main one that the pro vaccine people like to talk about is that your chances of dying are significantly diminished if you have vaccinated, even though you can still get it and also can still transfer it to other people when you are vaccinated.

So in my mind since the vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting it or passing it on to other people, shouldn't it be up to me about how extreme I am willing to allow my own sickness to be? That's the way I look at it and i suppose you could say is that I just don't like the idea of getting multiple shots for something that I have almost no chance of dying from.

I don't really feel strongly enough about it to have some sort of activist point of view or anything though. I let people live their lives and do what they think is best. In the meantime I keep wondering why everyone in Africa hasn't already died seeing as how they aren't really vaccinated at all.

I feel bad for my friends who don't really have a choice because of the laws of their countries but in the meantime here is a list of countries that you can travel to if you are not vaccinated without even having a PCR test done.

Costa Rica
The Dominican Republic

You might be subjected to quarantine or a test upon re-entering your own country though. For me, an American, I will need to get a negative PCR test to go back to the States but these days, as expensive as my home country has become and it keeps getting worse, I am thinking that it might be a better idea to just live and work outside of my country if I can find a place out of the above list that suits me.

Keep in mind that I am not trying to give anyone advice on vaccines or convince you to get them or not get them. You live your life as YOU see fit. It aint none of my business really :)


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The only countries worth a penny of my money.

yeah, i agree with you there. I Know people that are in all 4 and while there are some annoyances like masks in big cities there is an easy way around that.... get out of the big cities.

Everyone’s been telling me I can’t travel unvaccinated so looking forward to them seeing my pics enjoying the beach!

do us all a favor and really rub it in their faces when this happens :)