Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Road Pets' (Part #303)

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'The Road Pets'


I am visiting the car exhibition happening every two years. The place is always full of octane beasts of all categories. However, I particularly came to see Concept Two which isn't here. Funny, eh? The fastest electric car in the world, made by Rimac, the only Croatian car company and one doesn't find it on the largest car show in the country. If I knew better, I could've called my buddy who works there and asked him but who would've thought it was possible for them not to show it.

Anyway, there are many other machines that'll make the day an interesting one. Harley brought almost entire 2018 line. Ladies are testing the seats and having their photos taken. The imagination of being free of responsibilities and keenly savouring the open road is what these guys sell. Who wouldn't buy?

The legendary Mustang in a new outfit. Nice.

This Toyota wins my best car colour competition.

BMW Roadster simply cannot stop bringing out sighs of awe from the audience. Weird colour.

Lambo will always be Lambo. So many people here that I have to elbow myself in the front row just to take a pic. They are presenting the engine's sound. People are glued to this. However, no fumes at all. Guess the awesome sound is coming out of loudspeakers.

There is also a place reserved for the old-timers. Volkswagen hippy van never fails to make me smile. Is it the funny looks or all the history this vehicle made in the sixties? Now there are two years of waiting ahead of us. Just like the international soccer, with the World cup and Euro interchange.

Enjoy your day!

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Nice , It really is a fun thing to do
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing this with us

Basically all human beings are visually beautiful. There is a beauty that already exists in nature such as mountains and ocean scenery, there are also human works such as sculpture, painting, dance, and so forth.

To be able to enjoy all this beauty usually people will travel to the open or meetings and exhibitions held by artwork makers.

There are long performances and there are also exhibition terms. Both of these meanings basically have the same meaning of the activities undertaken to produce the work of ordinary folk.

The difference is the thing done on artistic works when photographed on static artwork. In short, the meaning of the show is the performance of dynamic artworks such as dance, wayang, fashion show, modern musical performances, theater, musical drama, and so forth.

While the meaning of the exhibition is the performance of works that are static such as painting, sculpture, and so forth. The term of the exhibition is also used for the goods of production with the purpose of goods or projects such goods, such as newly released car shows, regional agricultural exhibitions, and so forth.

I love car shows, I have since I was a child.

I wonder why the Rimac wasn't there?

HD draws a crowd wherever they go. I am continuously amazed and have been for 50 years. I believe that VW van was a model never available in the US. At least I've never seen the sliding driver's window. And I've looked at more than a few, and even owned one.

Thanks for a great look at a really fun event.

He had a show somewhere else in the world ;)

When first time i read your tittle "Road Pets" I thought maybe you gonna write today about animals. After open your blog i just said WOW look at them. They are beautiful and marvelous. In that exhibition they showed many modified cars. Their new outfit and design was attractive.Specially BMW Roadster was more attractive to me.
All over there were lot peoples dream cars and mine too.
Thanks @velimir for your amazing blog again : )

Really very appreciate vehicle photography dear.. lassic car owners from all over the province had brought their cars to be part of the show. It was so much fun walking around and talking to the owners about how the acquired the car or rebuilt it. There was a lot of passion for their vehicles. Thanks to sharing for your good post to travelling..friend.. @velimir

my comment is late :)
I like these events. I was at several exhibitions of rattle cars and motorcycles. The last time I was at the show of new cars. Many beautiful girls, many "road animals" and all together they leave positive impressions.
I like that they provide an opportunity to feel like a driver.

This reminds me of the car show we attended a few years ago.Classic car owners from all over the province had brought their cars to be part of the show. It was so much fun walking around and talking to the owners about how the acquired the car or rebuilt it. There was a lot of passion for their vehicles. I love that old Volkswagon Hippy Van.

There are lot of super cars. I love super car. But this one was my favorite

Thanks for sharing new updated cars collection .

Beautiful post with some amazing and beautiful cars, thanks for sharing with us.

Red color of car is my favorite. Really this is one of the great exhibition of the world. Which I understand seeing your beautiful photography and your worthy. Thank @velimir for sharing this post with us.

Wonderful photos and history. I am pretty fond of 'ceremonial units' in the various countries.

I am not so sure that I care who invented the damn things, I've hated neckties most all my life. So much that I've worn one exactly one time in the last 20 years :)

Still a really good post, my personal feeling for the object of luck

Wow! It must be very eerie to witness something like that. the images look fantastic.

Always nice to walk around a car show and dream big for a day. Sucks the electric car you wanted to see wasn't there, now I'm going to go Google it lol

I like the VW. It is not so expensive.

Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

I personally think red cars look dope and's a great shot from you; well done

waaww .. a very remarkable car show, the car looks nice and nice. if I come there even if there is no power to buy it but I am happy to see it ..

The color of that Toyota is really nice! It perfectly suits the style of red :)

Greetings to you boss, it really nice post boss.

i hope everyone to use own texts

please fllow↓↓↓

BMW car.png
I like motorcycle and car competition very much.Car racing is my very favourite.Thank you for sharing this post...
My favourite racing cars are very good.Your post cars are so beautiful.
What kind of racing do you have??????

It is so exciting to see so many beautiful, luxurious and powerful vehicles at one place. I like powerful bikes and muscular cars. I have a royal enfield bike and a car. I wish to own a harley one day.

The fastest electric car in the world, made by Rimac, the only Croatian car company and one doesn't find it on the largest car show in the country.

I want to know more about this car. Why this car is not shown on the largest car shows? Can you reply please.

wow very nice

I adore this Perhaps because I love traveling a lot
Thanks for sharing it is amazing


Awesome photos of cars, @velimir. Did not know about Rimac, just googled it and it looks superb, would be nice to drive it one day. Already imagine how it would feel. Your friend can organize a test drive for you?

Have just watched a video of LaFerrari against Rimac and guess who won? Rimac! And it was not even a close win, Rimac just ripped LaFerrari. Nice to know that they are made in Croatia.

Thank you for such an interesting review. I like it!

I love driving more than I love cars. I love the pure freedom you get when you disconnect from the confines of the human body and get to explore the speeds and sensations that you can only experience in a car. When a car gives you an unfiltered connection to that experience and really talks to you, it bends perfectly to your will so that you become almost unaware that you’re driving a car — and that’s when I fall in love with it.

plc give me 2or3$ loon,