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RE: Wat Phra That Bang Phuan, a beautiful and sacred temple in Nong Khai, in northeastern Thailand

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Wow! The lotus are amazing and look at how many there are. I bet the aroma from them is heavenly. This is definitely a place for me to enjoy. The beautiful temple has a very long name and I love the old stone monuments. I always look forward to your interesting posts @tangmo! : )


Ah! Your "wow" and your nice comment always makes me happy. I love lotus, too, especially when there are plenty of them in the same place like these. The old stone monuments are amazing and I love them, too. Many thanks, my sis! ;)

Like I have told you before...when you are happy, I am happy! Hugs for my sis! : ) : ) : )

Me, too! I always feel the same as you, my dear sis! LOVE LOVE... ;))))