Crater Lake National Park - photo impressions USA part 1

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In 2014 my family and I visited the west coast of the USA, making a four week trip through several national parks with our final destination in Utah.

Crater Lake is 594 meters (1959 feet) deep. It originally formed when a volcano imploded.
Here are some fotos we took:



The water actually was this blue! It is said to be of highest drinking-water quality.

A small island in the middle of the almost 5 mile wide Crater Lake.

View from the highest point on Mount Scott at 8,929 feet (2,722 m), late in the evening.

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For some National Park video footage, check out this post:

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What a great post, very good pictures too, thanks for sharing and namaste :)

Supercool I guess :)

Oh definitely! If you got the chance, it is a must visit.

Great pics - astounding scenery. Must try to get there.

Do it! : ) We had a trailer rented, it's good practice to spend more than one day in these National Parks, otherwise you will miss out on so much.

great post, you have a new follower