Punjab most beautiful and culturally diverse state in the world

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Punjab of Pakistan and India is like a two bodies one soul ,Punjab very is rich culturally and also have everything, almost all frouts and vegetables are cultivated in Punjab, weather of Punjab also very diverse and changing continuously


I am proud to be a Pakistani and punjabi I love Punjabi peoples punjabi music also very popular globally I wish everyone visit or work and live in Punjab from all around the world
Pakistan is peaceful country but due to diversity of everything some time a single unfortunate incident happened and media is fully authorise to show everything so that's why they focused to mush on a single news or incident or peoples around the globe think Pakistan is not safe to travel and live .

I requests everyone please visit my motherland Pakistan or check on YouTube videos of the visitors who already visited Pakistan or punjab then take any decision otherwise please change your perspective about Pakistan which you received from businesses minded electronic media


Having travelled through the Punjab in my youth, we are in agreement that it is a diverse and culturally rich area of the world. Other parts of Pakistan should also be given the praise that they deserve. Swat Valley comes to mind as another area whose beauty is overlooked due to the political upheavals in and around that area.

Mujy bi punjab bra psand hai.bro

thanks for this description of Pakistan and the Panjab.

Absolutely. The revolution starts from Punjab.
History from Alexander to the Ten Gurus, to Bhagat Singh ___!
To make Alexander, the self-proclaimed incarnation of Apollo, helpless and helpless, to destroy a third of his powerful army, to weep over the Greeks, and
Running away from Punjab (Sapat Sindhu) without conquering the world,
Unparalleled and glorious in itself.