Adventure on a Rainy Day

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Authored by @ifarmgirl

We have not traveled overseas for a few years now and although we wanted to, certain circumstances are not allowing us yet. Expired passport for one, haha! The appointment scheduling in our city is always full and I wonder when I'll be able to secure a date. Been trying since early this year to no avail.

Anyway, talking about adventure, I am going to share some photographs taken many years back in a theme park in Shenzhen which brought back some nostalgia on this rainy weekend.

We were coming from Hong Kong at that time when we decided to drop by the park and see a bit more of it. Unfortunately, we were still in the middle of our exploration when the rain came.

The above is a replica of the Versailles Palace, it's garden that is (the palace was a bit far in the background.) We were not able to explore because of the rain so we just admired it from a distance.

And the lush garden with beautiful and perfectly-trimmed bushes decorated with colorful windmills close to the Arch De Triomphe.

We had to seek shelter because the rain was pouring hard. This was the replica of the Eiffel Tower which we too, enjoyed viewing from the distance while we waited for the rain to subside.

We bought two souvenir umbrellas but the rain did stop for some time so we went ahead with the adventure. Here are some photos of the many hand-made plastic windmills which populated most of the green grounds.

The added reds and blues made it more beautiful from afar. The white picket fence also gave the green area with a bit of a contrast.

These beautiful windmill tower replicas were also seen around the area. (Photo was taken on another visit).

And the rain poured again as we got closer to the Pyramids. It was fun though so we didn't mind at all.

This was a copycat of King Tut's mask or the so-called Mask of Tutankhamun. It was strategically placed by the entrance to the pyramid's underground.

Next place is the Saint Peter's Square. The rain has cleaned its grounds and was sparkling when we arrived there.

A closer look at the structure's details. The domes are absolutely beautiful (photo was taken on another visit).

We went on with walking and reached the Buckingham Palace grounds which were already getting dry from the rainwater. We have not been to Europe in real life but seeing this copy felt like we've step foot in front of the palace, lol!

And yeah, if you noticed, there weren't any replica of the palace guards, lol!

Anyway, that's all for now and we are ending this visit with this monorail where tourists can ride and can go around the theme park. Unfortunately, we were not able to get ourselves up there during our adventure.

Thank you and until next time! Happy weekend!

Other parts of the adventure were featured in the following previous posts:

All photos are our own.


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Looks like you had a great experience in the rain. The rain made have even made it better just because it was different. Thanks for sharing.

Yes we had :) The rain can be fun as long as it isn't cold. Thank you @rcaine

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So, they have made replica of most of the famous structure around the world! Smart thinking! And it gives the citizen(visitors) to get the flavor of visiting the real structures!

Thanks for sharing with us those awesome pictures.



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Yes they did. There were many of them in that place including the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon and others. Thank you for your kind comments and for your Twitter share :)

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Thank you so much :) Have a great weekend.

Oh wow. Looks like the real Eifel Tower!

Yes :) I think even the height of it. Thank you