Travel Digest #889

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Hi everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Travel Feed. 'Salamanca, Hobart, Australia.' by @trudeehunter

I was so excited to know I'd have time to fit in a visit to the famous Salamanca Markets in Hobart Tasmania on my last trip there but I have to admit. I was very disappointed to discover that on that particular day, the markets were closed. I soon forgot my disappointment however, because there was still a hub of activity going on with visitors and locals enjoying the unique features of this place and there were enough cafes and restaurants open to satisfy every taste.

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🥈 New Zealand Adventure - Route 8 by @tomatom

I was on my way to a place where I'd really wanted to visit since I heard about it in the south Island. I love a view if it's got mountains in the background, there's just something about it that grabs my attention. But like many road trips in New Zealand, the reality can go either way.

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🥉 TRAVELING IN THE PHILIPPINES: Negros Island part3, day trip to Lake Balanan. by @biggypauls

We had learned there was a mountain lake in the area, that sounded ideal for a day trip so we set out early on our trusty steeds to give us plenty of time to take that in and see some of the sights along the way. From the lodge we had 11km on unmade roads before we found ourselves on the main highway, taking a route west we passed through a number of little villages, it was clear that not so many foreigners make their way to these parts because everywhere we passed through the locals would come out waving at us and when we stopped to get a drink they were excited by the fact that this husband and wife team were traveling around the island on motorbikes.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Cycling, Gonio, Georgia by @globallocal
  • Farm, Surat Thani, Thailand by @bigsambucca
  • BBQ, Ilulissat, Greenland by @rbaggo
  • Old Power Station, Manchester, UK by @slobberchops
  • Tuscany region, Italy by @marcybetancourt
  • Neoclassical architectures, Athens, Greece by @zkalemiss

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