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RE: World Travels - Galapagos - Isabela

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I have always wanted to go to Galapagos and I'm sure that one day I'll make it there :) I thought it was a place that everyone wanted to visit because it's simply fascinating and there is no other place like this in the world. But a few weeks ago I was telling someone about my dream and that person honestly had no idea what Galapagos were and where they were located :) It gave me a good laugh..

You had a great adventure! I would also choose the place rather than a boat. It takes longer and I find it more dangerous. It's great that you went snorkeling. These sea lions are showmen! I loved your video and was smiling all the time :) You had a private performance :)

Thank you for sharing! Happy travels and have a lovely weekend!


Yea those sea lions really where a highlight. For half an hour they accompanied us in the freezing water. I completely forgot how cold it was :-)