Crossing the Alps by train

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Another day , another train. But this time it is for a bigger amount of time and over a bigger distance. Because I am on my way from home Luzern (Switzerland) to the middle part of Austria. Now there are things I did not entirely realize when I moved to the Alps, one of the biggest is that when you are travelling through the mountains is that you are not really able to do this in a straight path. It often means that you have to go around countries and travel over the cities which are not really your choice, but they are key connection point while travelling.

That will mean today I will stop in Liechtenstein, Innsbruck and Salzburg while that is all not really on my route. But hey, it beats the hell out of renting a car or hitchhiking with strangers. Which is not a convenient thing to do in this travel because I have my skis with me together with a shit ton of other stuff, no packing lightly on this trip!


The thing that I like most about travelling by train is that it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. Not having to be present 2 hours before flight, taking all the food and drinks from home, bring an unlimited amount of luggage, having nice views while looking outside, wifi on board, and if you want to take a nap the driver is still driving :D. It is so much less hassle than driving for instance, train travelling is just a super nice thing to do.

Currently I am passing the Walensee again where I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, and this makes me think a bit on how often I have crossed this part of Switzerland already. Would it be convenient to move closer to this side of the country, or am I thinking way too far again now? I am just constantly thinking about the best options and considering if I should make anything better about it. On the other hand, if it is fine it is fine!

The forecast for upcoming week in Austria is a ridiculous amount of sun (are you there already @brittandjosie ), and a bit of too high temperatures for what the quality of the snow would like. But hey, this will give plenty of options for doing other activities next to just skiing. And after all, this trip is not about skiing, it is about family. And that is what I am gonna enjoy this week. See ya!


The second photo is incredible! Those mountains are so huge and beautiful)

The second one is really nice he! This is by the Walensee in Central East Switzerland. The train and the highway pass there and give these beautiful sights there

Amazing, happy to hear you travel again, hope you'll have awesome time :)

Thx amigo! Good to see you active online there again!

Yeah Im super ahppy to be on the road again and this time for really some time to get some rest and peace, which with all my recent travels was with a lot of hurrying.. This week is all gonna be nice and relaxed!

I can see the poor snow melting away :-)

from hotness?? :DDD

Yeah dude for real, all of a sudden two weeks ago or so the sun went on and it literally feels like spring all of a sudden while it should be mid winter still

Weird weather! but indeed this snow is melting like a mofo and FAST!

In India I am just waiting for the slow roast to start .....

hehehe the slow roast.... as in you being turned in on an arrow in the crazy hot sun..mennnnn

Ohh you gonna see Britt? Great a steemmeeting in Austria😀

If the bored company is going to take off there will be lightning fast trains everywhere.

heheheh nehhh britt is a couple mountain passes away from me otherwise I surely would have went and grabbed a beer there

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Wait live in Lucerne???? (Luzern i know but we Americans are dumb) - We went there for our honeymoon and I CANNOT WAIT to go back

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hehehe Yeah I live in Lucerne indeed hahahaha. The woodenbridge is almost my home view hahahaa. Make sure you know next time when you are there and we will grab a coffee then!