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I tried pinning your image multiple times the last couple of days ... But looks like there was an error when uploading ... How are you uploading your images ? Did you pin them ☺️?

Hi @appukuttan66 I didn't originally pin the image. I just pinned it now.

Should I pin every image I upload to IPFS on my local node? I didn't pin my first image (287KiB) I tried and that worked. This second image is 2MB if that makes a difference

Nope still not able to get your image ... Could you check the following :

If don't have much info about ipfs and feel intimidated by all these do let me know ... I will try to help you out !!

Thanks for the help.

I checked, IPFS Desktop app is running and 'Connected to IPFS'.
I am connected to ~400 peers.
I get a bad request when I try to go the link you posted above. Not sure how to check my image. I confirmed it is pinned to my local node.

Edit : works now
Sorry my bad I should have made this clearer could you try replacing `<hash>`` in the above link with the hash of the image ... Also , If IPFS desktop if running smoothly then could you also try uploading the exact same image to a remote pinning service like or maybe ...

PS : I'll be gone for a few hours because I have get some work done ... So please leave your reply below ☺️ will check it once I manage to get everything sorted out ☺️

Pinned it on a remote server too ... You should have no more problems 😃

Thanks for the helpful information. A few questions more if you will:

  1. Does it cost money to pin to a remote server?
  2. Was the image fixed on my end before you pinned it or did you fix it by pinning to remote server?
    Thanks again!
  1. Well that depends on your pinning service ... Pinata has a free plan under 1gb ... Infura has a free plan under 5gb but they also let you pin stuff anonymously with no limit (I'll make an easier way of uploading images and videos to IPFS In the future ). While other services might cost you money.

  2. When you opened IPFS desktop your daemon was probably back running , I managed to get a pin at that time gap so your file will be available always ☺️

Yeah ... it's always best to have a pin ... Pinning is basically saying that this one is important and should be available always... You do this because some images on IPFS go to "rest" . I'll try to do a second pin now , so your image will be available even if your node how offline ☺️☺️