Show Notes for: Truckers Down the One Belt One Road to a New World Order Hell - Pirate Stream

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Show Notes for: Trucker Freedom Convoy Down the One Belt One Road to a New World Order Hell - Pirate Stream

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Show Notes:

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The 2 / 3 Stream...

The media: Link

Alt media: Link

Mike Cernovich: Link

Going skiing again: Link

I am back kinda: Link

Truckers for Freedom:

Still Going:

Trudeau v the truckers:

Treason: Link

Truckers: Link

Child's Letter: Link

What kid's are dealing with: Link

Trudeau Castro? Link

Fringe Minority: Link

Elon Musk: Link

Autonomous trucks: Link

Rogan: Link

Corona Chan:

The end is Nigh in NZ: Link

Rappaport is done: Link

Hold your breathe: Link

One Belt One Road to Hell:

Defend Taiwan: Link

Instead: Link

False Banners: Link

Pelosi bend over for China: Link

Blame America: Link

Israeli Drones in Syria skies operated by Russia:

Father of all bombs:

Israel Choosing Russia over USA in Ukraine:

CIA or SOCOM? Link

Putin's Sputnik: Link

Israel's three defense giants lead world in arms industry:

Israeli arms manufacturers paid millions to Azeris through Russian bank:

Qanon Expose': Link

John McCain: Link

Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild: Link

Epstein and Pals:

New Trial for Ghislaine?

Jeff Zucker: Link

Zucker, Whoopi and Harvey Weinstein: Link

Kevin Spacey Shut Down In Attempt To Block Accuser's Testimony: Link

Feds suspend Homeland Security chief following raid in Metro Detroit: Link

Graffiti portrait of Prince Andrew wearing a 'Jim Fixed It For Me' badge appears in Oxford - as Duke faces Virginia Roberts sex assault case in New York: Link

Crypto Currency:

BTC all time hash mining rate: Link

BTC and Russia: Link