Things That Go Trump in the Night

in #trump3 years ago (edited)

Joe Biden may or may not deserve, or have earned his chance at the presidency, and a good part of the peoples vote should reflect that, but the election is also about the face America turns to the world. Trump supporters seem to revel in his debasement of any semblance of respect, diplomacy, vision, truth or justice. Instead of inspiring pride, he gives lessons in how to stack bodies as staircases to your goals. He is, without hesitation, the most divisive and antagonistic a man to ever hold that office. Even Bush the idiot, for all the strife he started and lied about, had some likeable qualities. Trump is caustic to all life in general, a shallow, greedy, petty, small minded, narcissistic braggart; a bully who intimidates, deflects, and plays favourites. He's a third rate salesman at Maury's second hand appliance store. He's a sore loser born with a silver spoon and a chip on his shoulder. He's an aging carny with big hair and a loud bark whose spiel has gone as stale as his pretenses. He is everything a president, a decent human being, and a good man shouldn't be. He's just an asshole.