The Trump/Biden 2020 Game

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Welcome to the Trump/Biden 2020 Game!


See the latest update here

Peer-to-peer mode is now open. So the total escrow of 22,425 SWAP.HIVE is fixed. All future trades will be between individual players.

Winning Conditions

I've had a lot of people commenting and messaging me about when payouts will happen. So I'm putting it here so everyone can see at the same time.

Win Condition 1: One candidate concedes to the other
Win Condition 2: One candidate (Trump or Biden) is sworn into office
Win Condition 3: Neither Trump nor Biden is sworn in by Jan 20


  • Trump concedes to Biden. BIDENWINS holders will be paid.
  • Neither concede, Trump is sworn into office on Jan 20. TRUMPWINS holders will be paid.
  • Biden wins officially, but steps down for "health reasons" and Harris is sworn in. NOBODY holders will be paid.

At the time of writing media outlets are saying Biden won, but nothing is official yet and neither candidate has conceded.

How the Game Works

The game is very simple:

  • 1,000,000 TRUMPWINS Coins are available for 1 SWAP.HIVE each
  • 1,000,000 BIDENWINS Coins are available for 1 SWAP.HIVE each
  • 1,000,000 NOBODY Coins are available for 1 SWAP.HIVE each
    • You choose which token you want to buy and how many
  • After the election,
    • If Trump wins, all SWAP.HIVE funds from buyers will be distributed to TRUMPWINS owners
    • If Biden wins, all SWAP.HIVE funds from buyers will be distributed to BIDENWINS owners
    • If the election is contested, funds will be held until a winner is declared.
    • If neither Trump nor Biden are sworn in on Jan 20, 2021, all SWAP.HIVE funds from buyers will be distributed to NOBODY owners
    • If neither Trump nor Biden are sworn in on Jan 20, 2021, all SWAP.HIVE funds from buyers will be distributed to NOBODY owners







This is blockchain, and everything is transparent. You can view the wallet balances of each side to consider your odds.

Escrow balance:
TRUMPWINS escrow balance:
BIDENWINS escrow balance:
NOBODY escrow balance:
NOBODY escrow balance:

If you are on a discord channel like LeoFinance that has @gerbot on it, you can use the ^election command to view current balances.

This shows that curently, there are 3230 tokens in the game, 21000 on TRUMPWINS, 1117 on BIDENWINS, and 13 on NOBODY.

If the election were called right this moment and Trump won, TRUMPWINS holders would win 89% over their stake. If neither were to win with these numbers, NOBODY holders would win 247053% over their stake. If Biden were to win with these numbers, BIDENWINS holders would win 189% over their stake. If neither were to win with these numbers, NOBODY holders would win 24700% over their stake.


I have 100 on TRUMPWINS and 30 on NOBODY

Check back on this post for updates!


Just goes to show you can click the clicker and still be elected President

As it should be. I wish that's all he really did.

So I'll put you down for 10,000 BIDENWINS? 😁

unplug your TV Angry Sun


Isn't this the exact same thing as TRPY & TRPN?

Huh, never heard of these until just now. It's pretty similar.

same exact thing except you are not selling 1:1

WELL, you have Smart Followers @nealmcspadden
TRUMP: 70.9%
Bite-Me: 29.1%

8/19/2020 9:45 PM EST


  1. Voting for TRUMP! (yay!!!)
  2. Copying @silverstackerUK, a month later


Trump was also winning there, last I saw...

It's a no brainer (yeh, that's Biden). Trump wins. Place your bets.

Insert Biden not completing a sentence here

I'm gunna drop a five hundo on this sucker shortly!

Time to buy all the coins!

Guaranteed win with no money!

@darkflame this seems like an interesting game!

I like where this is going. Shall jump in shortly!

The more the merrier!

And like I said on twitter, if you have those annoying friends or family members that won't shut up make them put up some HIVE 🤣

Good point on the annoying friends and family make them get some HIVE! haha 😀

Shall jump in shortly!

How? Where are you going to short these?

Gunna drop me some huge Hive on it! 😃

They spent the last 3 years telling people why they voted for Trump instead of asking them. He'll win again.

Interesting concept.

Are people buying the token of the one they want to win? Or that they think will win? That could be two different options.

Also, are people playing the arbitrage game? Depending upon how the token purchasing is going, perhaps it is a better payoff going for the "underdog". If the token purchasing is heavily weighted in one direction, that could mean the financial opportunity could be in the other camp.

A lot of ways for people to play this one.

Are people buying the token of the one they want to win? Or that they think will win? That could be two different options.

Yes :)

Look at today's update:

and you'll see that I fully expect real-life odds to arb current-game-odds.

It's going to be an interesting couple of months.

Imagine if the election for the united states was done on chain and it was easy to count and verify the votes.

This is inevitable in my opinion and there have already been a few moves in that direction.

There will be government oracles (tax returns, social security numbers, etc) that permit account registration.

Microsoft Election Guard, the code is on GitHub.

lol ... aint we creative :)
I'm going for Biden



Props to Jimmy Dore, make the 'Rats accountable to their Voters!

CATO INSTITUTE estimates that 62% of Trump Supporters will never
voice their support to a pollster, co-worker or anyone, they will just
quietly check the box for the incumbent...

I think the game is going to be lots of fun

And we all get to see who's on what side since it's on the blockchain ;)

Wait, I thought the goal was to predict the winner, not who you like. But if that's the way others are playing, sounds like fun :-)

yeah but most vote/bet with their hearts LOL

The silent majority to be exposed on Hive ;)

We are smarter on average, than most ;)

I've never been quiet 🤣😹🤣


Different play strategies for different folks.

What a great idea!

What a great idea!

Thanks! If only there were some trusted place to talk politics... lol

No Flags!!
I have the 2 largest accounts hodling INFOWARS TOKENS,
and I will insure freedom of speech!

This is tough, incumbent may have given rise to many late show hosts. LOL. Sad to see him lose it.

Winner to be declared on January 20th? 😅

As contentious as this election is, that's a good question. In a normal election, we have election night, someone concedes by the following morning, and it's all settled.

Winning conditions can be determined by whatever happens first:

  • One candidate concedes
  • Someone talks to a Chief Justice on Jan 20

If we get some oddball scenario where a candidate concedes, then later changes his mind and starts lawsuits, I think we're just going to have to chalk that up to bad luck.

3rd option: DIMS so blatantly steal/delay the election,
3%'ers come out and fuck up some Dims 😋

I am hearing rumblings... it would be now or never!

If anyone tries to steal it, it’ll be Trump. Who’ll then whine about Democrats. Projection is a bitch.

haha, I had a duplicate reply @preparedwombat
I tried to delete one and got both. It was not personal,
I like you a lot, we are a bit off center politically, but
you are a good man and I won't bother to repost.

Let's just say that I am sure no one has a corner on the truth,
when it comes to politics. I know the media and dims misrepresent
a lot of what Trump does, and the gift is returned as well.

Keep after it Man, someday we could all look back and see how f'ed up
these times are. If we survive them LMAO

Great idea! Should be a lot of fun!

I'd love to join but for betting on Trump, the odds are terrible here!

Interesting dynamics already afoot. If your subjective odds don't match the money odds, some arbitrage is needed.

Back in 2016 betting in May I got odds of 10/3 in the UK on Trump and made a nice win on £1000 stake. The odds this time round are already lower, but Biden is still the favourite in all the places I've looked except here.

Paddy Power Trump win bet email build a wall  1.jpg

We are smarter than the official oddsmakers, all they have to go on is the lame stream media outlets. And last time, Killary was a heavy 'favorite' too, but so was Brexit. BREMAIN, (it lost cuz it was a horrible name LOL!!!) Anything this important, well, TPTB can't let is go it's own road. They have to TRY and sway it their direction. No amount of money is too much to leave these things to run their natural course.

I live in the USA 'bellweather county' for Presidential Politics, and unless there is massive fraud, Trump Wins Again! He's way ahead here. he got a 15 point win here in 2016 and barring the big 3 blue states, (rampant fraud) we would have been a great indicator on the popular vote too. When the networks declared Trump the winner, he had a ONE MILLION VOTE LEAD. The the closeted votes in NY, Cali and Illinois came into play. Total BS but 'officially' he 'lost the popular vote' and won the electoral college. Google and Facebook Analytics, and more importantly WEB BOT all predicted a Trump runaway WIN, popular and EC. Web Bot said his algos could not, however, predict FRAUD. He nailed that one!


Having said that... I should place another bet on Trump elsewhere and hedge here with a bet on Biden :-)

Congrats on the big win, BTW!

Even the dims who hate Trump don't have much hope of defeating him, they are running Scared. Their formerly airtight voting blocks have been eroded heavily by Trump's economy. Plus, the covid blame is not sticking to him at all. Except by people who pinned their hopes on the bullshit investigations that went on for 4 years now... even those people are worried. They've thrown everything at Trump Including the Kitchen Sink and nothing is working. His Covid response was several orders of magnitude more intense than anything anyone had ever done in the USA EVER. I think he will make it, again.

The CATO INSTITUTE has estimated that up to 62% of Trump Supporters will not tell a pollster, a media outlet or even co-workers that they support trump. They will just go and vote for him in November. Even the heavily Democrat over-sampled polling is showing a dead heat right now. The convention has not helped Biden and Kamel-Toe one bit yet, or they would be crowing about that every day. Convention viewing was DOWN by 48% in days 2 and 3 of the 4 day event, and that spells disaster most likely.

The smart money is betting on one thing for sure: There is another disaster of epic proportions looming between now and November, we have this ting called OCTOBER SURPRISE in American Politics. I expect it will be a real donnybrook 🤦‍♂️😝🤬

Don't forget to use a VPN when browsing online.

Just a few weeks left, did all the trump tokens sell? I cant see any on the marketplace

Well time to pay up Biden2020

Winning conditions are when one candidate concedes or someone is sworn in on Jan 20.

Got it. What are are the overall totals for the coins sold?