Trump/Biden Game Meta for 2020-09-15 - Trump Leads 1.88 to 1

We've had some action and changes since the last update. The total pool is up to 3230 SWAP.HIVE and we've added a NOBODY option. NOBODY really means not-Trump and not-Biden. I just thought NOBODY would be more dramatic since I think we'd all lose in such a scenario.

@anarcist69 came in big on the BIDENWINS side, shifting the odds quite a bit. The game is far from over!

Election Game Totals





Current Odds

Current odds are 1.88:1 for Trump.

Said another way, if Trump wins, each TRUMPWINS token will receive 1.53 SWAP.HIVE. If Biden wins, each BIDENWINS token will receive 2.89 SWAP.HIVE.

If neither wins, each NOBODY token will receive 248.46 SWAP.HIVE.

For our leaderboard, @hiveqa would get 769 SWAP.HIVE in a Trump win and @anarcist69 would get 867 SWAP.HIVE in a Biden win. And @gerber would get 1987 SWAP.HIVE if neither of them win.

Game Entry

To get in on the game through TRUMPWINS, go to

To get in on the game through BIDENWINS, go to

To get in on the game through NOBODY, go to

The Meta Story

The game continues to evolve. After getting pressure to add a third option (most notably from @aggroed), it's been done.

Clarifying a couple points:

NOBODY pays out if neither Trump nor Biden are sworn in on Jan 20, 2021.

Token sell walls will be taken down on election night. After that point, the tokens will be freely trading for all buyers and sellers.


Damn you @gerber LOL

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