Trump/Biden Game Meta for 2020-09-21 - Trump Leads 1.82 to 1

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Another week, and the game continues to evolve. According to Trump, we are getting a COVID vaccine by October. The stock market and the general public don't seem to be buying it. And we are seeing Trump's odds continue to slip in the game.

Election Game Totals





Current Odds

Current odds are 1.82:1 for TRUMPWINS.

Said another way, if Trump wins, each TRUMPWINS token will receive 1.61 SWAP.HIVE. If Biden wins, each BIDENWINS token will receive 2.94 SWAP.HIVE.

If neither wins, each NOBODY token will receive 23.7 SWAP.HIVE.

For our leaderboard, @hiveqa would get 808 SWAP.HIVE in a Trump win and @anarcist69 would get 884 SWAP.HIVE in a Biden win. @steem-eng (@aggroed) would get 2374 SWAP.HIVE in the event neither win.

Game Entry

To get in on the game through TRUMPWINS, go to

To get in on the game through BIDENWINS, go to

To get in on the game through NOBODY, go to

The Meta Story

NOBODY is shifting the odds around a bit. The TRUMPWINS balances are the same from last week, but both BIDENWINS and NOBODY saw gains. Are Hivers turning their back on Trump? Time will tell.