Bim, Guess What?! James May Apologizes Again and Again

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I found this interesting show on TV the other day. It is supposed to be a pay streaming show but I was able to watch it for free limited time or something.
But I think it is very interesting because I learned a lot about Japan and Japanese culture and other stuff that I didn't know about from watching this show.

Of course it is a TV show, so he goes to places and does crazy stuff that "regular" people don't get to do.
Dress up like a boy band.

Bunch of Butts.

Digital art museum... this looks amazing. I need to do this some day.

And old places, very traditional Japanesy stuff with a tour guide robot.
Japanese people have this strange obsession about robots and stuff I don't know why but this translation robot is so bad, it is so funny!

James May: Our Man In Japan


I learned a lot of weird stuff from this show, or through his perspectives...
He uses "Sumimasen" a lot. Which means like "I am sorry" or "Excuse me", but he says that a lot for no reason and then he follows with "Arigato" which is "thank you".

Japanese people use this word a lot and apologize first to start a conversation or do something and I think he picked up on that. And I say "I sorry" a lot too in English.
My friends often ask me why I am apologizing... I am not sure but it is kind of like my habit.
I just do it without thinking about it too much.
I think its similar to "I love you" in the US. People say that a lot, maybe too often so that it doesn't mean anything sometimes?!

But anyway, it is a very interesting show if you have access to it, you should watch it 🤣

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Sumimasen Tomoyan san, do you know about Chris Broad? He's a British youtuber that lives in Japan. He's lived there for quite some time, maybe you'll find his content similar to the one on this show. This is his channel:

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OHHH I like his channel. Sumimasen. Thank you.
I like paolo too. He is from LA
I watch some other random channels sometimes hahaha sumimasen.

I didn't know about paolo. I'll check it out, arigato. Sumimasen Tomoyan sempai.

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I like paolo’s food videos. 😋😋😋 sumimasen