Bracing ourselves for the Typhoon [ 4 days before impact...]

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It's been so long since a strong one hit our area here in Southern Luzon, Philippines. Only 4 days and we will experience hell once again. Around 5 years ago we were devastated by Typhoon Glenda (International name: Rammasun) and I can still recall the terror. Houses were damaged, landslides and the roads were filled with mud and fallen trees. 2 of our windows broke and one of the walls made of concrete cracked. There was a storm within a storm. 2 small tornadoes were formed and hit our town during the typhoon.


In a few days Tisoy (a.k.a. Kammuri) will traverse our place. I'll be doing the laundry and wrap all important things just in case. Water and power source will surely be a problem. I already expect at least 1 week without water supply from the provider and 2 weeks for power. Also, I think it's fast if I can have internet after 2 weeks. It's really a great hassle. Anyway, i'll try updating this journal and let's see what we'll become after some days. Tisoy19_04_Loop.gif

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Damn that looks terrifying! Stay safe bro. And yeah, keep updating!

Thanks bro. Hope it'll be a fast one .

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Thanks guys! :)