Bracing ourselves for the Typhoon, Saying goodbye to my backyard garden [ <2 days before impact...]

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Almost no change in the trajectory of typhoon Tisoy (a.k.a. Kammuri) as we're still in that dark red circle. According to the weather bureau our place should expect winds of at least 140 kph. This kind of wind strength can uproot medium size hard wood trees while crops and soft trees like bananas have almost no hope in surviving. And that's only the wind, the water is another issue. Low lying areas will surely be flooded.


And yes, I already said goodbye to my small backyard garden.


I'll put the orchids in a vase before they are blown away by the wind but it's a pity with the sponge gourd (center). It's actually the first flower and it's chances of survival was very minuscule. I thought I will have my first batch of sponge gourd before the year ends or at least by January next year but I guess that would be a pipe dream. Got no problem with sweet potato tops(right), they are very resilient. Great chances of survival even submerged for a few days.


Most of the plants just started sprouting. I hope that some of them will survive. I'll keep you updated. Maybe one last entry before the typhoon. I have to save the battery just in case. See you soon.


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Must suck knowing your garden is going to get torn to shreds. Good luck.

Must suck knowing your
Garden is going to get
Torn to shreds. Good luck.

                 - galenkp

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks mate. It's really frustrating, guess I'll have to re plant in good weather like in late January.

All the best with it. Stay safe.

Yikes maybe you can use some of your special lord king potato powers to save the plants? Those are strong winds! I hope you stay safe and sound. Cheers

Thanks Carl! I wish I could send it to Antartica XD

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Stay safe, @lordkingpotato. The winds can now be felt here in Cebu.

Thanks bro! God bless you guys there in Cebu.