Are you want to win the 49s results ?

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There are serveral ways to win. We have to just first know about the how uk49s works.

Uk49s has started work in 1990 in the USA. They have very strict rules and regulations.

There are some certain conditions when you will will play the 49s. Less then 18 age person cannot be play and buy the ticket.

You have to just buy from the official outlet and check the results updates on

Lunchtime and teatime these are 2 results that 49s announce in a single day. Players have 2 chances to try their luck. But no worry, we will help you to provide the predictions that you can find here on daily basis.

After the 2 to 3 hours of results predictions of upcoming results posted on every single day.

Moreover you can comment us on our official blog and we will help you to win. Try your luck. You can win and BOOM!