A picture is worth a thousand words! --english version

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If you want to understand what is going on in Ukraine right now, then don't rely on what the media are saying in their daily reports: If they contain anything of the truth at all, then only fragments of it.


Look at this picture:

Selensky, with the ice-cold thief's gaze, grabs our Uschi's cleavage from behind, she slams her eyes down in resignation. Will Selensky find something to pack here? I think our Uschi is rather less packed than Selensky!

And creepy Papa Joe, in his really spooky and creepy way, as you know from photos, as soon as he approaches children, puts his hands on Selenskys shoulder from behind and seems to nibble his ear from behind.

Or he whispers something that no one else is supposed to hear!

Behind the so intimately united threesome the blue EU flag on which 2 of the yellow stars can be seen: What a masterpiece of pictorial art!

Another picture has a similar message:


This is also full of truth and the meaning is obvious at first sight:

Little Selensky, held by the US hand milks the completely emaciated EU cow. Instead of milk, tanks come out of her udders and fall into a bucket that says War.

The other American hand holds the EU cow by the chain. It groans under the load, its tongue hangs out and it only thinks of one thing: gas and oil!

WOW! How many daily reports (which would then also have to be true!) would it take to get this message across to the man/woman, which can be seen here in one picture?

I am thrilled!