Who massacres civilians in Ukraine? --english version

in #ukraine4 months ago

A short video has surfaced on #Telegram posted by Ukrainian neo-Nazi Maksym Zhorin on his channel


It shows Ukrainian civilians, in the #Kupyansk area, being massacred, thrown into a mass grave and buried.

The video is real, taken directly from the perpetrators. The shovel used to dig the pit can be seen in the picture.

No matter what happened, no one deserves to die like this!

I'll save posting the whole video here. It's cruel enough. The young people were murdered for being pro-Russian.

Of course, the Western press will jump on this again and claim that Russia perpetrated the massacre, very analogous to #Butsha.

But if you watch this video and follow the sources, you know it couldn't have been the Russians!

Here the source! Of course I don't link the neo-Nazi's channel!

It is now high time to call to account the real perpetrators and their backers, I mean the German warmongers: Strack Zimmermann, Baerbock, Habeck and Ricarda Lang, who daily demand new German weapons into the hands of these murderers for their crimes against humanity!