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Hi my dear friends!
Another amazing rescue story in our area.
Borodyanka. Another small town not far from us. It was there that the veterinary clinic was located, where our animals were treated. It was there that the municipal dog shelter was located, the tragic fate of which I told you earlier.

This small town has undergone terrible destruction. His fate is as tragic as the fate of the city of Bucha.

But there are also happy stories. This unfortunate cat ended up in a ruined house. Fortunately, our rescuers do not leave people or animals in trouble. The poor thing was saved and handed over to caring people. Below you can see the video of how it happened.





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Heartwarming story amidst all the doom and destruction. Stay strong the heroic people (and animals) of Ukraine!

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It's amazing to see this cat rescue. A bright spot in a sad situation. Thanks for sharing! :)

what that kitten didn't endure. How nice that those heroes saved the cat

WHOOOAAAA that made me cry!!!! What wonderful people. I'm so glad that cat survived.