I raised my level and became a Dolphin! ULOG #1

in #ulog10 months ago


Hi guys, I am so happy today after I powered up all my Hive. Then, I received a notification from @hivebuzz saying congratulations. A congratulations to myself for becoming a Dolphin. A great achievement for this morning. I just did this because I fully trust in HIVE 100% and I believe HIVE is the future! See you around and HIVE on! 😎


You would have posted directly in the Ulogs community. On there the cross-post declined payment. I am usually very ill, so it is easier for me to find ulogs when they are in the community.

Congrats on your status!!!

@surpassinggoogle got it bro my bad. Please get well soon.

Congratulations on being a 🐬!

Welcome to the club, we always need more dolphins to show their commitment

@chekohler yeah, thanks dude! :)

Awesome! Keep hiving. See you around.

@sherylneil thanks! See you around! :)

Congratulations @jancharlest 🎉🎉🎉

Can't wait to see you become an Orca! 😅

@arcange Thanks 😁 that will be the next goal 😅

Woooooooow! Maka proud, pa bulad naman.