Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem: On the Meaning of Life and Social Consensus

I had the pleasure of joining Charlie Shrem on his podcast this past weekend where we talked about all kinds of things ranging from my work with http://fioprotocol.io/, my passion for DACs and DAOs, my experience with Steemit and Hive, and some interesting ideas about consciousness and more. I hope you enjoy the episode!

I used to publish all the various interviews I've done here in Hive, but lately I've been too busy to remember to do so. You can catch a lot of that here, along with an interview I got to do with Coindesk TV about my trip to El Salvador to meet with the government there about the Bitcoin law: https://fioprotocol.io/press/


I watched it through and really enjoyed your conversation. Very positive which I like! I am going to share this video with the folks of @leomarkettalk. I think the gals and guys will really enjoy the show if they have not seen it yet!

Hopefully I get down to Puerto Rico sometime soon on a vacation. It would be great to run into you again. Take care my friend and I appreciate all you do for the world of blockchain.

Thank you. :)

Nice interview about El Salvador.
You should really do a more detailed post about your on the ground experiences there.

I'm not seeing a lot of info on what's happening there now.

I put together a couple videos on it:


I have friends on the ground working daily there as well. Exciting stuff.

I shared this. Great interview

Bookmarked for later :)