Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem: On the Meaning of Life and Social Consensus

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I had the pleasure of joining Charlie Shrem on his podcast this past weekend where we talked about all kinds of things ranging from my work with http://fioprotocol.io/, my passion for DACs and DAOs, my experience with Steemit and Hive, and some interesting ideas about consciousness and more. I hope you enjoy the episode!

I used to publish all the various interviews I've done here in Hive, but lately I've been too busy to remember to do so. You can catch a lot of that here, along with an interview I got to do with Coindesk TV about my trip to El Salvador to meet with the government there about the Bitcoin law: https://fioprotocol.io/press/


I watched it through and really enjoyed your conversation. Very positive which I like! I am going to share this video with the folks of @leomarkettalk. I think the gals and guys will really enjoy the show if they have not seen it yet!

Hopefully I get down to Puerto Rico sometime soon on a vacation. It would be great to run into you again. Take care my friend and I appreciate all you do for the world of blockchain.

Thank you. :)

Nice interview about El Salvador.
You should really do a more detailed post about your on the ground experiences there.

I'm not seeing a lot of info on what's happening there now.

I put together a couple videos on it:


I have friends on the ground working daily there as well. Exciting stuff.

Great stuff.

@brianoflondon has created a Sats <--> Hive & HBD bridge that allows people to turn small amounts of HIVE & HBD directly into Sats in a Lightning Wallet, and soon vica versa instantly and without fees.


This will allow people to:

  • spend their Hive earnings at BTC accepting vendors without fees or centralised exchanges;
  • earn 10% interest on their Sats by converting to HBD and then converting back to Sats when needed to spend.

He is running the whole thing on a Raspberry Pi, created an API and open sourcing the code so that it can be integrated into front ends and large numbers of people can run a similar service.

Its already working one way with value for value podcasting (2.0) users sending Sats to their favourite podcasters and receiving Hive in their Hive accounts.
See https://peakd.com/podping/@brianoflondon/podping-and-podcasting-20-funding-to-put-hive-at-the-center-of-global-podcasting-infrastructure

Given the $ amounts are small and large numbers of people will be running the service (which uses Umbrel over TOR for privacy) the whole system will be decentralised and avoids imperial entanglements.

Using @podping tech front-ends can point to a decentralised (on Hive) central point for APIs for the service. Front-ends can automatically switch between many APIs for reliability, capacity and privacy.

End result as super cheap to build, completely decentralised two-way fee-less (or a few Sats fee) instant Sats <--> Hive & HBD bridge.

It can add huge value to El Salvador's BTC rollout and drive Hive adoption.

Can you let President Bulkele know about it when its ready?

Wow, that sounds amazing. I’ll take a closer look. We didn’t meet with the president, but we did meet with the team rolling out the infrastructure for the law.

We should chat @lukestokes I'm up to my eyeballs in code but I really think combining Hive and Lightning could have big implications.

It's all about building decentralised interoperability.

Fascinating stuff!

I shared this. Great interview

Bookmarked for later :)