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Hello and welcome to the world of CryptoSicko


What is CryptoSicko

The CryptoSicko bot has been set up to offer a delegation to upvote service to any user and operates on both STEEM and HIVE blockchains. This project started back in Nov 2018 and was one to the first delegation to upvote service bots. CryptoSicko does not accept payment for upvotes It is time now to start and rebuild CryptoSicko by onboarding new users to receive juicy daily upvotes in return from delegations on the HIVE blockchains.

The goal is to provide all delegators with a big juicy upvote worth at least x11's more than they would receive from self voting. EG, you delegate 1,000 (1 cent upvote) and receive a daily upvote worth 11,000 (11 cents). CryptoSicko is able to provide these upvotes to users as it combines all delegators balances into 1 voting account. It's a group effort but the rule is simple, once you are delegated, you will receive a daily upvote until the day you undelegate.

CryptoSicko uses at least half of its curation rewards to lease extra SP and HP from the leasing markets. This extra boost in voting power ensures that CryptoSicko can provide a comparative ROI for its users. Kick your instant bots and go CryptoSicko for auto upvotes every single day.

How to join CryptoSicko!

There are currently 6 groups that start from delegating 100 HP all the way up to 3000 HP.

JOIN BY - Selecting a colour group and delegating that amount of HP to @steemcryptosicko


The upvote percentages in the table are for guidance for HIVE upvotes and might be a little higher are lower at any given time.


1/ Ditch bidding/instant bots and get a daily upvote by delegating HP
2/ Automatic voting every single day set on a 22-hour timer
3/ CryptoSicko offers a great RIO, much better than self-voting
4/ Post earning's and power-downs are used to lease hive POWER to enhance all members upvotes
5/ Upgrade, downgrade are quit at any time completely up to you



Bot ran and operated by @silverstackeruk for the STEEM/HIVE community to help members unlocked juicy upvotes from their STEEM/HIVE POWER since NOV 2018

Any questions are welcomed