Underground marble quarry!

in #urbex2 months ago

How exciting that sounds right? Never seen one. Is it too good to be true to be the target of my next URBEX? Let's find out:

Winter has arrived here but my exploratory attempts stay on. Of course I'm speaking about South Greek winter hence things look like this:

I park my bike at this olive grove after some easy meters on gravel:

The thing I am looking for has been shut down (probably) long ago and it's underground hence no obvious signs of it so I start walking around looking for traces of human activity:



The above bits don't solve the mystery so I decide to follow what looks to me like a path:

My momentary happiness at the view of a hole in the ground stops as I quickly find out it's just a small crater where a pine tree decided to spend its lifespan:

The following bits of marble also do not lead to anything substantial:

I get a feeling I am closer to my target though when I see the following relics:

Few meters later I discover that there's even a hiking path here - I gotta be close!

And I am indeed - soon I get my first sight of the site:


Nice as it looks, the closer I get the less promising it feels:
MOV_0046 - frame at 0m2s.jpg

And...yep, the bloody door bloody coloured has three locks:
MOV_0046 - frame at 0m41s.jpg

I try to get some shots of the inside from outside but found out later that the camera refused to focus far enough:


Pity. Would be nice to have a better look at it but I guess we can't have it all in this life. Maybe that's only because we have to leave something for the next one 😄

Even the view I get as I leave it behind is nice:

Time to hop on my iron horse again:

Regardless the result who can complain spending time at a place like this?

For sure not me.

See you on the next and hopefully more successful one!