Greek Team Report #9 (02/12 - 08/12)

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Welcome back! This is the Ninth Greek Team Report coming to you through Aristotle, written by @dimitrisp, two days late!

Let's start this week's report with our stats for the Week 02/12 - 08/12 with our signature (not-that-fancy) graphs and words.

Contribution Totals

This week we had 6 contributions from 3 out of the 5 members of the Greek Team. Here is a breakdown:

contr per translator.png

MVP: @trumpman had the most contributions (2nd week in a row? you're on fire dude!)

The average $/word (after removing the 25% of the curation rewards, and the 15% cut of the beneficiaries added to the contribution posts) is $0.03 (previous week's average was $0.03).

Words Translated

This week, the Greek Team translated a total of 7012 words in 4 projects (previous week's figures are 8174 words in 5 projects):

The average wordcount per contribution is 1169 words (previous week's average was 1168 words). Aristotle commented on this "LOL, it's like they are messing up with me, they increase their translation average just a couple of words every week". A breakdown of words per translator can be found in this graph:

word per translator.png

MVP: @dimitrisp, with a total of 2437 translated words.


Starting this week, the report data is taken from Aristotle's internal DB where the payout data are being fetched every couple of days, and they do not include the beneficiary cut and the curation cut.

The total amount of rewards the Greek Team has gotten this week is $190.24 (the previous week's figure was $225.76). As always, we have 2 graphs for this section, the first one is an average USD per word for each translator:

usd per word.png

MVP: @trumpman gets the lead!

In the second graph, we can see the total amount each user has gotten in total.

usd per translator.png

MVP: @trumpman with $98.05 (previous week's MVP was @trumpman with a total of $93.04)

Other info

Aristotle commented on this week's performance: "The team seems to be firing on all cylinders. I don't know what that means, but I think it might mean something good!"

Community Status

Curation Trail

Aristotle is upvoting the Greek Team's posts, the posts of his supporters (those who delegated some SP to him) all posts by @utopian-io, and all translation contribution posts.

In the past 7 days, Aristotle upvoted 39+ authors on 70+ posts, giving out $0.73+ in total rewards. "Not even a maki roll's worth of money!", said Aristotle when asked about his performance

The current voting weights are:

  • Translation contributions: 10%/post
  • @utopian-io: 100% upvote on 1 post/day
  • Greek Team: 100% upvote on 1 post/day
  • Delegators: 3% per 10SP delegated on 1 post/day

The upvote for delegators is not guaranteed. Aristotle thought it would be nice to give something back to them, but if the Voting Mana is not enough to upvote the translation contributions, the delegators may not get their upvotes.

We are monitoring Aristotle's Voting Mana, and we barely see it go below 90% (most of the time, it ranges between 97%-100%)

Aristotle App

@dimitrisp worked a little bit on the App the past week (since the last report). I don't really believe him, as he didn't do any commits, but I have no other choice than to let this one slide. He said he is testing out the fixes (yeah, right!), but it was his birthday today, so I won't say anything to him. I just hope he won't read my words, even though he is typing this report as I'm expressing my thoughts to him. Will this work? (@dimitrisp's comment: Nope, it didn't work)

Hopefully, as @dimitrisp said, the fixes will be fully tested and a public beta -usable by the Greek team- will be available around New Year's Eve.

Pick of the Week - Gridcoin Whitepaper

Gridcoin is probably the most useful crypto out there. Why? Gridcoin helps BOINC to solve some of the biggest mysteries in our lives, scientific ones though.

As a wise soul said a few days ago, "The only Cryptocurrency that isn't boring is Gridcoin[...] I don't know what others might find entertaining about the top 10 in terms of market cap. You'd probably get more value staring at a DVD logo hitting the corner of a screen". While this is an extreme statement, it is somewhat true. Gridcoin brings so much value, that is REALLY undervalued. I'm not sure what this "AIDS" is, sounds helpful -like aides-, but you have your reasons if you want to cure it, and "World Community Grid" in combination with Gridcoin will help achieve this faster.

If you want to learn more about Gridcoin, click here

That's it for this week! Aristotle would like to thank you for reading this long wall of text! Until next time...

- @dimitrisp for Aristotle / is still young and small, but we have faith in his potential and great ideas coming from his hard-working team! Thanks to people who have shown trust in him, we have gathered delegations by:

We are thankful for that and we hope to live up to your expectations, guys!

We aspire to become even stronger and manage to give back a piece of the support Utopian has been offering to us and the opensource community.

We are proud to be part of such a huge, community effort and we will keep doing our best, contributing in any way that we can!


Thank you for this weekly report. It was fun reading through! As usual, this overview is comprehensive and well represented with appropriate graphical contents.
I commend @dimitrisp and all greek team members for there hard work in creating the utility app. Also, I wish @dimitrisp a Happy birthday. Have a blast :))

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Great job once again, @dimitrisp!

Ehm, I meant to say Aristo! Hope you old, grumpy man won't mind my words.


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MVP: @trumpman had the most contributions (2nd week in a row? you're on fire dude!)

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