Design of the authorize page and add revoke tokens

Hi everyone,

New apps are developed every day and more and more are using Steemconnect to connect users to their app. However from a user point of view it's still a bit blurry, what is actually happening ?

Before we had that:


Ok so I'll allow the app busy to use my posting role, sure why not. But next:


Holy guacamole, type my active key ! No way.
So let me explain a little bit what happens here. What you are actually doing is allowing SteemConnect to modify your profile using your active key in order to allow busy for instance to use your posting role meaning writing comments from the application. The active key is NEVER EVER transmitted to the server, all encryption happen in your browser and the applications like busy DOES NOT have knowledge of the active key.

Here is a link to the transaction transmitted to the blockchain:

And a little screenshot for the lazy ones :)


Although you have authorized the application to use your posting role it was not really clear nor precise of what the app could do. So we have improved the design to make it a lot more beautiful for one and added more details:


Ok so now I see that the app will be able to vote, write a post or a comment, etc. That way you will know what YOU are allowing the app to do.

That's great but what if I don't want that anymore. Let's say I don't want to use anymore. Well that's insane how come you don't want to use no more !!!
Okay, we've provided you with a way to do that (we're kinda of sad though :'( )

Did you know that SteemConnect comes with a dashboard ? (And we are currently redesigning it by the way ;) )
If you click on the Authorized Apps menu you'll see what apps have authority other your account


And at the bottom of that list the way to revoke tokens, meaning the authority you have previously allowed. Here you revoke the token for all the apps.

If you go on the app page, you'll be able to revoke only the rights of the concern app.


Thank you for reading, that's all for today.
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Merci de clarifier :-)

I would like to see white label account creation, so u can create an account on without going to steem it. Also a wallet within steem connect to view all keys transfer funds etc. So a user doesn't need to go to steemit at all if they don't want to. I blogged about these changes. Nice work so far!

Everything is planned :)
Just be patient !

i will be patient ..

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god post

very nice topic

I like busy, going to try this..

hi team of
today i'm post by, but i not getting any upvote on my post.
please tell me what's reason.

I knew from someone that I can reduce my voting power If I use

when I want to sign in there it asked me my steemit password.
now my question is....
Is safe or not..?
please reply me experienced steemians.

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Thanks for the information, trying to get my head around everything in the Steem universe and this was very helpful. Might even try my hand at creating an app.

Hi @gregory.latinier . I want to say that im very happy to read your post ! I really apreciate what you do for us , to know news.
Really good job , keep going !
Have a nice evening !

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