STEEM Server Checker: To Check Public RPC Servers (Full Nodes)

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Several good steemians are voluntarily maintaining public STEEM RPC servers (a.k.a. full nodes). We can use these public servers to query STEEM blockchain as well as to post transaction free of charge. The list of currently existing public servers is maintained by STEEM community in their website below.

However, being voluntarily maintained, sometimes some servers are down for any reason. And users have to change their servers to other server that is up. The problem is, usually this list of public servers is already embedded inside a program that is used to access the blockchain. Therefore, to change the servers that are down means manually shutdown the program, change the server, start it up again.

Hence, @puncakbukit tried to make this process easier. We developed tool "STEEM Server Checker" to check public RPC servers whether they are up or down. Below is the overview of algorithm used in the tool:

  • Download list of currently OPERATIONAL public servers with SSL from site above.
  • For each server check it by querying the STEEM blockchain for the latest block.
  • If it can get the block then the server is UP, otherwise it is DOWN.

Now, we run the tool periodically and put the result in a table in our site below.

The meaning of column headers are:

  • server: the host name
  • ranBy: the owner
  • status: UP or DOWN
  • cause: the cause in case of DOWN
  • lastChanged: last time when the status or cause changed
  • lastChecked: last time checked

The result may be accessed in JSON format too using URL below.

(See also: STEEM Server Finder: How To Use The JSON)

And you may find the source code here in GitHub.

Hope it may have some contributions to our community.. :-)


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