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Vaccination lobby uses any ways to make people slaves, and now COVID is a great reason to make people be vaccinated. The threat of dismissal has become one of the main reasons why people agree to get the injection.


But if COVID-19 vaccination is really mandatory in Russia now? My mother-in-law is a doctor, and it's a category of citizens who "must" be vaccinated (as well as teachers, and other socially active citizens). BUT what does the law says about it now?

Russian laws do not oblige to vaccinate, there are no penalties for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Vaccination in Russia is voluntary. Thanks God Still. And thanks to our President. He is the only protection against it during many years. He is forced from many vaccination lobby sides, and it's well described in any open forums and conferences about vaccination, and his replies are always very polite but very serious - vaccination HAS to remain voluntary.

At the same time, there is a national calendar of preventive vaccinations and a calendar of vaccinations for epidemic indications.
In December 2020, vaccination against coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus was also included in the vaccination calendar for epidemic indications. And this caused fears of workers (including in the field of medicine and education) that now they can be fired from their jobs for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Threatened with dismissal, they agreed to receive a coronavirus vaccine. But it's just FAKE.


Why can't an employee be fired now for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus?

Despite the fact that the vaccination against coronavirus is included in the vaccination calendar for epidemic indications, according to the law decisions on preventive vaccinations for epidemic indications are made by the chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation, the main state sanitary doctors of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Until now, no such decisions have been made!!

Will vaccination remain voluntary in Russia or will vaccinations become mandatory?
The European Court's decision about vaccination of children against COVID-19 was shcoking....
This means that any country can make mandatory vaccination legal, including for children. And first of all, this may affect the vaccination against coronavirus. But at the same time, there must be a mechanism for refusing vaccinations and effective legal remedies (for example, if a person's right is limited, he has the right to go to court).

As for the introduction of compulsory vaccination in Russia, it can be assumed that this is unlikely in the near future, especially if we take into account the position of President Vladimir Putin on the voluntariness of vaccinations against coronavirus.


We're still protected.
Yes, there're limitations and I'm sure there will be more of them (like taboo for going abroad without injections etc) but still we have a right to refuse! Legal right.

An interesting fact that despite all world state heads were vaccinated (or they tryied to seem so) with the presence of dozens of cameras and mass-media represenatitives, our President "did" it in the closed room without any cams....
It was a great scandal among fans of vaccination but ... he knows what he does for sure.


А вы будете вакцинироваться? Что думаете по этому поводу? В Краснодаре люди сами записываются на вакцинацию.

и у нас есть такие. и немало. но в основном народ мыслит здраво. я все таки надеюсь. по крайней мере, в моем окружении привитых нет. но среди знакомых знакомых такие имеются. в основном люди в возрасте, которых напугали больше всего.
у нас тут вообще весело. как только лето, так сразу все ограничения смягчаются, люди масками почти не тычут, страху в сми кол-м заболевших не нагоняют. все для туристов и сезона, а стоит ему закончится и начинается новая серия внезапно проснувшегося снова вируса. а у вас с этим как? мы недалеко, но все же крым, как мне кажется, какая-то отдельная галактика, много у нас с материком расхождений, к сожалению, особенно в ценах..

...и у нас почти всё так же. Только прививаться стали значительно чаще в последнее время.