Someone vandalized my car.

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A few years back my car was kicked by a pathetic Russian man.

Why did it happen, well here is the story.

I used to drive to my friends' house all the time, and he noticed that in the winter months, my car got covered in snow, he said I could park my car in one of his parking spaces.

I was very grateful, as when it comes to winter, I have to spend so much time, clearing the snow and de-icing the car. I didn't really want to spend a lot of time, getting ready to drive home.

He described the location of the space and told me the number.

The next day, I parked in the space, which he said I could park in. The following day, my friend back from work, and said Matt, the security guard said you parked in the wrong number, and please can you move the car. The man is waiting for you.


I went downstairs and no one was next to my car, but what I was greeted with, was a big dent on my rear door. I was not happy at all, as especially as he asked me to move it through the security.

I went to the police and had to fill in all the documents etc.

They wanted to see the CCTV of who damaged the car, so I spend hours with the security, trying to see who did it, to show the police.

It turns out as soon as the security guard was sent to fetch me, this man kicked the car and started laughing about it with his bodyguard.

When I went to the police, it turned out that I couldn't do anything to claim against him because of his job. And the security guards were too scared to talk to me, in case they lost their job.

My car ended up going to BMW, and they said they need to change the door fully.

I don't know why these people who think they are important would do something like this.

Has this ever happened to you?