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It's been 2 years since we started this small project in the community with the support of many people and crowdfunding platforms such as @funditionio which allowed us to support a diversity of people in the Venezuelan territory thanks to your constant efforts.

Today we want to refresh a little what we are and what we do for all those who have not known about the project.

What is it?

The COVEN Foundation, better known as Aid Venezuela in the community, was born as a space in charge of attending specific cases of humanitarian aid to popular sectors of low resources or particular people that through the previous link with us within the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and after the monitoring of your case allows you to receive help in order to provide support in the situation of lack of quality of life that you have in the country.


Funda COVEN is an independent organization that through crypto-financing and international cooperation seeks to work to support in humanitarian matters the people in Venezuela who, motivated by the economic, political and social crisis, are living high-risk situations in terms of nutrition, medicine or basic supplies for survival. Through this project we seek to create links with various foundations, communities and projects at the national level to enable humanitarian aid in the form of crypto-money to reach the various sectors of society that are most vulnerable. Our work policy seeks to improve the quality of life of as many Venezuelans as possible, consolidating ourselves as a serious, transparent and solid organization. Through alliances with these foundations, we can broaden their management in order to provide greater coverage to cases that may arise and to support them responsibly in the regions in which they intervene.


To be recognized as an organization in charge of transparently administering the resources that may enter our nation in the form of crypto-currencies, capable of interacting and executing the necessary actions for the benefit of humanitarian aid projects in the country in the face of the serious humanitarian crisis we are experiencing.


Maintain efficiency based on teamwork in order to be resilient to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, being also an organization capable of generating links that allow the full development of humanitarian work.


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General Objective:

  • To provide support to communities that, due to the humanitarian crisis, do not have the necessary resources to attend to nutrition, health and basic supplies in real time.
  • To create links between crypto-donors and foundations, projects or communities in Venezuela and abroad that allow for the sustainability of humanitarian aid activities.


  1. The project visits a community or group of communities.
  2. The case is discussed by project members and partner foundations.
    The case is evaluated and the economic availability to serve the community with an activity is assessed.
  3. Publications are made to solicit support through the various blockchains and social networks.
    aid.venezuela receives donations in the form of: votes, direct transfers in different crypto-currencies.
  4. A period is established between the beginning of the publication and the day the activity will take place.
  5. The exchange of the crypt-money to Bolivares Soberanos VES (local currency) is made through the exchange offices that work in our country.
  6. The purchase of supplies is made.
  7. A visit is made on the day of the activity and it is monitored that the work is being done correctly.
  8. A publication is made with the evidence of the completion of the activity demonstrating: Amount of crypto used - Amount in Bolivars in exchange - Products purchased - Invoices of the same - Samples in photo and video format of the activity.
  9. Proceed to point number 1 and repeat the cycle.


What is humanitarian aid?

Events such as political conflicts, droughts, floods, earthquakes, shortages, economic and social problems, often lead to humanitarian crises in different parts of the world. Humanitarian aid consists of helping victims of such crises when such situations arise. In this case, human and material resources are sought to meet the needs of food, health and basic inputs in more vulnerable sectors of the population.

What role would you play as a user in helping you?

To save lives in the face of the various emergency situations that arise in the country.
To provide assistance in the face of economic deficit and population shortage.
To finance aid to allow the purchase of supplies.

Who is responsible for this project?

@zaxan is the person in charge of carrying out this work, he has more than 4 years in the platform serving as a multi-faceted artist, founder of the Hispanic project/community @elarca, as well as acting as a freelance designer for various projects that have requested his service. You can be contacted directly by discord:
"Zaxan [elarca]#9956"

How can I keep track of your work?

By following the @aid.venezuela account you will receive the publications in your feed or any platform within the blockchain you use to publish.

How will you make the change from crypto-currencies to Bolivars?

By using an exchange service it is possible to make changes to our local currency. Currently we have @orinoco, who offer the best updated rates according to the current dollar price in our country.

If I want to make a donation which cryptos receives?

You can send any kind of crypt currency.

In what ways can I help?

By making direct donations to our account @aid.venezuela.
By voting our content.
Sharing the content to reach more people.
Automating your vote for the project.
Being a spokesperson outside of Venezuela to collect massive amounts of supplies and medicines to be sent by courier to our country.

Can I give you a percentage of my publications?

Yes, you can use the function "add beneficiary" and donate a percentage of your rewards to our account @aid.venezuela, they arrive automatically when your publication fulfills the payout period.

Do you have a discord server?

Yes, humanitarian work is done by our Steem account and also you can go to discord using this invitation link:

What guarantees me that the aid will reach its destination?

As we have explained in the workflow, this organization ensures that we maintain contact with the various foundations that we support. In this way, the follow-up of these activities will be constant and we will offer a balance of the situation including photos, videos, invoices and other necessary documents for this purpose.

We invite the entire community to support this initiative and to lend their support to this small project.

We look forward to your support and to giving a little hope to the Venezuelan people.


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