A contest for my friends from Venezuela

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I thought it was about time to write a post for my project @help.venezuela just to show that it is still very alive.

Since december 2018, the account @help.venezuela is systematically upvoting quality posts of authors from Venezuela. The project aims to encourage these authors to be active on Hive/Steem and to provide them a revenue for their posts that they can count on. Every day the project gives about 15 upvotes to these 32 selected authors:

@fucho80, @hendersonp, @jadams2k18, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @reinaldoverdu, @roronoa07, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @hlezama, @chiminguito, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao,@topfivefamily, @manuelgil64, @por500bolos, @nachomolina, @peraza82, @spirajn, @tramelibre, @yonnathang, @pedrobrito2004

The main activity of @help.venezuela is on Hive but we have stopped the power down on steem in order to continue to give upvotes to the authors that decided to remain on steem.

Funding the project by playing Splinterlands

I am an addicted Splinterlands player and about a year ago, I realized that I had a lot of cards double and instead of selling these cards, I created an account for help.venezuela. I have developed this account over time organically and regularly used my winnings to power up the account to provide bigger upvotes for the beneficiaries of the program.
Last season; I've reached the champions league level III. This means that I could open 80 reward chests. There are now 19'000 DEC on this @help.venezuela account.

The great story of @gerjer

Some time ago, I wanted to help some of my friends from Venezuela to get started with Splinterlands because I thought that it was a great way to earn some additional income. I bought a starter pack for them so that they could play the game, earn DEC and get rewards. One of these people is @gerjer. I believe the account was actually created by @fucho80 my long standing friend on steem/hive. He didn't like the game too much but his son did;-).

He has played this game ever since. He played more than 4000 battles and he improved a lot. Last season he has reached the level Diamond III. This is quite amazing. You can check his post about his season rewards. He won two legendary cards each worth 1.35 $ among many other cards and DEC. When you think that the average salary per month in Venezuela is around 2 $, this is quite amazing. By playing this game, @gerjer has a lot of fun I believe and he can help his family at the same time.

When looking at this story, I decided that I want to help more people from Venezuela to get started playing Splinterlands. Since it costs 10$ to buy a summoner spell book that allows you to earn with the game, I believe that for many it is out of the question to make the investment.

With the 19'000 DEC on this splinterland accounts, I want to finance a contest.

The contest

The winner of this contest will get 10 USD in Hive to buy the summoner spell book so that he can start playing and earning with Splinterlands

Who can take part?

You need to be living in Venezuela and be on steem/hive for more than one month

How to participate?

Create a free splinterlands account and play at least 5 battles to be sure that you actually like the game.

Please use the link above to create the account. Like that you will be the affiliate of @help.venezuela and 5% of the spell book will go back to the account and it might be used to sponsor another person from Venezuela.

I created a free splinterlands tutorial if you want to understand the game better.

Write a comment below that contains the following information:

  • why you deserve to be the winner of this contest.
  • the name that you used to create your Splinterlands account.
  • where you live in Venezuela (region).

I would be very happy if you could resteem this post to reach more people (not compulsory).

That's it, good luck to everybody!

by @achim03


Mi apoyo y agradecimiento a @help.venezuela siempre dando un bonito apoyo a mis venezolanos.

My support and thanks to @help.venezuela always giving a nice support to my Venezuelans, @achim03 resteem y voto.

Thanks a lot for your comment and the resteem!

My support and thanks to @help.venezuela

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Thanks a lot for your comment and the Rebolog ;-)

Good luck with the contest!

Thanks a lot !

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Mr @achim03, it is a pleasure to greet you.

I want to thank you for all the support you have given to the Venezuelan community. I am one of those who has benefited directly from your project @help.venezuela.

Right now I want to inform you that I have configured a witness node for my project @hispapro, for me it would be an honor to have your approval.

I attach here the official announcement, thank you.


Voted for your witness ;-)