A little positive note for Venezuelans

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Lately I read a post of @lanzjoseg who is one of the beneficiaries of the program @help.venezuela that greatly touched me. Let me quote him:

I do not accept it and nobody in Venezuela accepts that you speak of my country without knowing the reality of what is happening here, you do not have the truth you do not know anything and you will never know it.

source: https://steemit.com/freedom/@lanzjoseg/your-opinion-of-venezuela-you-do-not-have-a-valid-argument-because-you-do-not-live-in-venezuela-and-because-you-do-not-live-here

For all the people not living in Venezuela, I believe it is not imaginable to understand what Venezuelans go through on a daily basis. I was in Venezuela some 25 years ago but things have changed so much. People tell me that I wouldn't recoginize the country at all.

Simple things for us, like watching tv, going out to meet some friends, go to the supermarket to buy food or drinks, go for a walk in the parc, feeling safe in the street, open your faucet to get some fresh clean water... All these things are sometimes unreachable for the people in Venezuela. So I believe that @lanzjoseg is right there. We should keep our opinions about Venezuela for ourselves because we simply have no idea how life is there. The only thing we can do is to support the people. We try to do it here on steemit with this program @help.venezuela.

We have selected some very active people on steemit from venezuela and we are upvoting all their posts to keep their motivation high and also to give them a financial incentive. At the moment there are 15 people from Venezuela that are supported by @help.venezuela but we have some great news!

Huge delegation to @help.venezuela

We recieved a huge delegation from @mariusfebruary of 5000 SP. In the name of the program and in the name of the beneficiaires of it, I would like to thank @mariusfebruary for this amazing support. A big thanks goes also to @crypto.piotr who is always there to build relations and who invites people to delegate to this program. Without him this program would never have developped this way. Another big thanks goes to all the other people who delegated SP to @help.venezuela:

@crypto.piotr40 SP
@majes.tytyty25 SP
@devann10 SP
@akdx50 SP
@danielfs800 SP
@duarte9sousa39 SP
@hlezama10 SP
@equipodelata10 SP
@theycallmedan1000 SP
@darthgexe10 SP
@mariusfebruary5000 SP

New spots available

This additional steem power allows us to take some more people into the program and still give everybody significant upvotes.

Get supported by @help.venezuela

There are only two conditions for people to enter this program. First they have to live in Venezuela and second they should post regularly on steemit. This means that the account should be at least a couple of months old and there should be more than a hundred written posts to qualify. If you fit the description, feel free to write a comment under this post.

If you know somebody from Venezuela who would qualify, you can also mention this person in a comment.

By @achim03


The people supported by @help.venezuela:
@lanzjoseg, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @renaldoverdu, @hendersonp, @fucho80, @roronoa07, @jadams2k18, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @chiminguito, @hlezama, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta

Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Thank you friend @achim03, for this great support to the Venezuelan cause and for having included me in it, they are giving hope and joy to many homes in Venezuela.



Grateful with that special support that they give us every day and especially the teacher and friend @lanzjoseg.

If it is very difficult to say without being inside the country, it is really annoying when Venezuelan people who have left want to give us instructions on how to get out of the government and this is very difficult to live here. Thanks for that support

@help.venezuela @crypto.piotr a great job and support


hello @achim03 thank you for keeping us informed about the people who support the project, @mariusfebruary by all the Venezuelans that we received the support of @ help.venezuela thank you very much for that great delegation you can not imagine how much it will help us all from different ways

a couple of months ago the left of the world began a campaign where supposedly show that venezuela is not in crisis, days ago I saw a video of a Spanish "journalist" who said that if there were crisis and dictatorship there were no Macdonal in Venezuela, when one sees the comments of that kind of people is inevitable to infuriate, that is why it bothers us that people think in favor of the venezuela government without knowing what we are living because of them

The support that I receive daily in steemit is wonderful, I no longer have words to thank, many people are interested in the heart of the situation in Venezuela, and from our hearts they help us

Thank you so much @mariusfebruary for your support👼 Blessings☄

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It is motivating and at the same time it fills me with gratitude for the support they give to Venezuelans. I share what @lanzjoseg said, those of us in Venezuela only know what we suffer and I appreciate your position of

We must keep our opinions about Venezuela to ourselves because we simply have no idea what life is like there.

It is nice to see your prudence, but at the same time I wish that when you can visit us again or if it is for the first time, it will be when we are back as before or even better. It is my desire, it is my struggle from my trench and I appreciate initiatives like these. Some time ago I wrote a post in which I expressed that we should stop waiting for good news for Venezuela and be the good news for us, to be the agents of change for the country and for the world in general.

I take advantage of leaving my postulation to consider adding me to the program. And although I have little SP, I will delegate, for now 5 SP and I will configure my automatic vote for you.

Thanks @help.venezuela, @achim03 and of course @mariusfebruary and @crypto.piotr for their delegations.

Hi @garybilbao,

Thank you very much for your comment and also your delegation. We are happy to tell you that we have added you to the program @help.venezuela today. From now on, all your posts will be systematically updated with this account.

Best regards,