Extending our support to people in Venezuela

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The project @help.venezuela has been created in december 2018. Since then it has been given systematic free upvotes to authors from Venezuela. The idea is to encourage them to post on steem and also to help them to face the difficult situation in their country. We realised that lately it has been difficult for venezuelan people to post on steem. The main reasons are regular electricity cuts and bad internet connections.

In spite of all of this our help is still here and we are happy to see that some of the supported authors managed to build up an interesting amount of steem power over time. We encourage everybody to continue on their steem journey and will upvote all their posts.

Over the last month @help.venezuela gave around 360 upvotes to the 21 beneficiaries of the program

The upvotes given by @help.venezuela from 17.7.2019 to 17.8.2019.

Each upvote is given at 60% and is worth around 0.06 USD.

New spots available

When we look at the table above, we see that some people stopped posting on steem. Since we don't know their situation and we wouldn't want to make their life more difficult, we keep these people in the program. When they do not post however they do not get upvotes. This means also that some upvotes are available for other people and we decided to take two new Venezuelan authors into the program: @tramelibre and @spirajn

There might be one or two more spots available. If you are from Venezuela and you have posted at least 100 posts and have at least 10 SP, you can write your name into the comments and we will check whether we can take you into the program.

The influence of low steem prices

With lower steem prices the help brought by this program has also diminuished in terms of real financial value. We trust in steem and we will do all our possible to regularly power up the account with curation rewards, sold upvotes that have not been used and also with the proceeds of the @help.venezuela splinterland account. The account has been financed 100% by myself (@achim03) and a big part of the DEC earned in the game will now be used to power up the account. If you have some splinterland cards lying around and you don't know what to do with them, you can send them to @help.venezuela and like that support the program. Today we sold DEC for the first time and powered up 20 SP.

A huge Thanks to the delegators

The generous delegators play a big role in the success of this program and I would like to thank them with all my heart.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:

A project run by @achim03


Saludos @help.venezuela

Gracias por la mención y el apoyo dado a nuestras publicaciones

Thank you very much for the work you're doing, @help.venezuela and the support to the Venezuelan bloggers.
It is a real pity that the price of Steem remains so low, but we remain hopeful that this will change for the better soon.

Gracias por ese montón de votos @help.venezuela, agradecida @lanzjoseg @crypto.piotr

Thank you very much for the work you're doing, @help.venezuela and the support to the Venezuelan bloggers.

Another problem for people in Venezuela trying to post on Steem is that members of the Venezuelan government are being paid to use Steem accounts to harass, threaten, and stalk Venezuelans on the blockchain. They are trying desperately to prevent the people from saving themselves with better currencies, like cryptos.

I wasn't aware of that. I believe it is really sad to see a government turning on its own people...

Hello @drutter, I'm one of the new people supported by @achim03 and this project. Please could you give me some information about those incidents?

I'm going to send you an encrypted message to your wallet. You could read the message by logging into your account using your Memo Key.

You could answer me (also encrypting) by typing a hashtag symbol # at the beginning of the message.

You can also read and send encrypted messages simply by using the Steem Keychain add-on in your browser. It gives the option "Encrypt".

I'd appreciate very much any more info for my protection and my friends'.

You're doing great @help.venezuela. Big fat upvote on the way :)

From my heart I just can say thank you very much. It's exactly this kind of expressions of solidarity that keep many of us developing our work.

Even for people that never wanted to write (or make videos or any cultural product), when they arrive here just as a measure to sustain their lives, they could actually become real bloggers (for the urges of their circumstances) and develop a meaningful work, if they are encouraged by such beautiful initiatives and efforts.

That has a high value. Thank you. I'm certainly going to spread this culture of solidarity (and reciprocity) in all my future projects.

Hi @spirajn,
I visited Venezuela 25 years ago and I've been told that things have changed so much that I wouldn't recognize the country anymore. I try to run this project to support people who have to face this situation by rewarding them for their creativity and perseverance. I hope that I will be able to let the account grow and increase this help over time.

Welcome to the community!

Best regards

It would be interesting to receive your support!

pd: @yonnathang

Hi @yonnathang,
Thank you for your comment. I've checked your account and I decided to add you to the program. From now on, all your posts will be systematically upvotes by the account @help.venezuela.

Best regards,

It is good for me to dawn with that news, I thank you for taking me into account for your project.

pd: I will do my best!

saludos mi nombre es @nestorarman2 y respetuosamente solicito se estudie la posibilidad de incluirme en el programa. Gracias.

Hello @nestorarman2,
Thank you for your comment. I will gladly put you on the waiting list for the program. Unfortunately your account is too young to be elegible. If you continue to work hard and post regularly we will gladly take your account into the program once it is at least 3 months old.

Best regards,