More people from Venezuela supported by our program

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These last days have been very exciting for our project. We are very happy to announce that the program @help.venezuela can support now 14 authors from Venezuela by upvoting systematically every post they write.

A big thank goes to @crypto.piotr who has asked his community to vote for our project in a competition organized by @theycallmedan. This gave us a lot of visibility and also allowed us to get through the first cut of the competition. Check out the related post and please give your vote.

We also recieved new delegations thanks to this.

We would like to thank all the very generous delegators that support this project:

@jk627650 SP
@crypto.piotr40 SP
@majes.tytyty25 SP
@devann10 SP
@akdx50 SP
@danielfs800 SP
@duarte9sousa433 SP
@hlezama10 SP

Thanks to these delegations we now have more than 2700 SP for upvoting people from Venezuela.

6 new authors will be supported by @help.venezuela

In addition to the 8 authors that we supported so far, we will support the following people from Venezuela from today on. We will upvote all their posts that they write to encourage them to continue their paths on steemit and also to help them when their country is going through very difficult times:


There might be a couple of additional slots available in the future. If you are from Venezuela and have been using steemit for a certain time, do not hesitate to submit your name in a comment to this post.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Hola he delegado 10Sp en apoyo al proyecto y para recibir su apoyo tambien, les deseo mucho exito.

Hola @equipodelta,
Muchas gracias para tu delegacion de 10 SP. The vamos a poner en la cola y te poner en el programma el mas rapido possible.

Muy agradecida, un abrazo fraterno.

all of us help the Venezuelan people .. God vebigates this beautiful land

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God bless you Venezuela proud of my land

Grateful with that support, they have many to help and take that love for Venezuela to the last corner. Grateful for such excellent work in favor of my Venezuelans a hug and hope that all this bad things end and we can work and help others.

@help.venezuela @charity @steemchurch un abrazo @crypto.piotr

Agradecida con ese apoyo, tienen a muchos que ayudar y llevar ese amor por Venezuela hasta el ultimo rinconcito. Agradecida por tan excelente labor en favor de mis venezolanos un abrazo y esperemos que todo esto tan malo acabe y podamos trabajar y ayudar a otros.

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A great work you are doing @Help.venezuela. Hope to support this course in the near future. Keep adding values to life.


We are with you @help.venezuela, perseverance and good attitudes will leave traces of love in the country.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo. Hay muchísima gente en nuestro país necesitando ayuda y también me sumo a la iniciativa de ayudar, dentro de lo que pueda. Cuenten con mi apoyo.

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