South American Initiative.

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South American Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide help and assistance to the most affected countries in South America due to the economic and humanitarian crisis around the globe. SAI goes beyond that and push all the efforts towards improving the quality of life.

According to recent studies, Venezuela has one of the worst crisis in the history. The root of the problems in Venezuela began on 1999 after the election but got bigger in 2014, due to a bad political situation, the country got threatened by different factor like medical and economic just to name the main ones. All the situations leave awful consequences, an extreme living situation, with a shortage that is present day by day, limiting the food to one meal per day or per family in some scenarios.


Based on the overwhelming crisis, came the necessity to assembly an organization full of people willing to help and give basic living products to offer a second chance where a lot has giving up. We as an organization are able to go directly to the problem and make our best to improve their conditions.