Why not? Unable to connect to servers or unable to downoad?

The software that disconnects to the internet so often(too frequently).
Maybe disconnects to the servers, I didn't really know, I'm not good at coding(programming)
And I was a little afraid of putting my key in the box of that software.

The public RPC servers have been going through some growing pains lately, which is likely the source of the disconnects.

Thanks for your answers and your contributions to steemit, I 'll keep focusing on you. Many thanks.

Could this be what is preventing me from delegating at the moment? I get an error when I try delegating Steem.

Btw, Thanks for the awesome wallet.

The most common error I see happening with delegations is related to power downs. If you're powering down your balance, you can't delegate. But the connection issues could also be playing a part in it, if that's not the case.

Yes, that was it. I forgot I had a small power down going. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

How can we determine this in an rpc call? Hmm... I just canot help you test. I need to upgrade my machines first.