DTube Rewards Are Here

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DTube Rewards



Wow, the rewards have finally arrived and we've had some time to see what's going on. Like most of you, I was a little surprised by how they work. I knew the system was different from Hive, but just how different, I didn't realise.

In this video, I give my first impressions based on what I've seen so far.

Peace & Love,

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Thanks a lot for the explanation! It's a very interesting system.

I think it is. Also, apparently if you don't claim your rewards, they can keep increasing after 7 days... but I can imagine it will just be trickles, and not much.

Is DTube completely seperate now from say a HIVE or STEEM so you actually have to be in their front end to curate? Seems kind of a mission lol I need one front end to rule them all

Yes. They are running on a separate blockchain called Avalon. You can still login to Steem and Hive so that your posts propagate across, but the reward system is completely separate now. If you upvote within Dtube, it doesn't appear on Hive or Steem, and vice versa.

there's reward page in "my channel"-"about" I think, so you can claim in your own channel page.

Ah thanks. I had a quick look around and couldn't find anything. I'll look there. It's not an obvious place to put it :)

Actually it's quite obvious. I don't know how I missed it haha.