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One week has passed by and we've managed to reach our first goal of making 1 video a day for 7 days! This means we have 7 videos and I'm really proud of Levi as he's gotten more comfortable in front of the camera and able to be his playful self while we create content.

Did a new take on our thumbnail. What do you think on how it turned out?

I'm really glad that he's having fun because I want this to be a fun experience for him and just enjoy the ride. One of the reasons I started this YouTube channel was to build his confidence and have an outlet for him to practice his English.

Since the start of this whole Covid-19, going out for kids has been a great lost in interacting with people and friends. So what better way than to use the technology we have and do something on YouTube.

Business is so slow on my end as well so spending time with Levi doing these videos with him helps us keep each other occupied .. haha

Thanks again for watching and subscribing to our channel. A little goes a long way, so do help us share our videos as we can reach the whole world without your help.

Daniel & Levi