I haven't seen any description of the token model. The information on the website is very shallow and marketing driven.

I look forward to understand how the token economies work

@rok-sivante, I too believe that VOICE is nowhere close to Steem so we should forget the aspect of Comparison.

Full Tokenised Mechanism will be understood once it launched. But without any question this platform will receive huge adoption but the question is, it can retain them or not.

Let's see what VOICE will bring up. Have a great time ahead.

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Voice tokens can be bought and sold 😉

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@dan confirmed they can be transferred, so that means bought and sold indeed!

I have missed your sense of humor. Come back @rok-sivante!

It's fully centralized, blockchain usage is just a useless gimmick imo. Waste of time to think about it in my opinion


Didn't minds already fail at that?

Different model.

How so?
They used their coin to amplify an accounts' reach.
Couldn't sell it yourself, but you could buy some from the platform.

I got coins by folks voting on my content.
Not proof of stake, but one account, one vote.

I'm not seeing it.
Who kyc's for fedbook?

As far I understand, Minds isn't really a blockchain project. It's a website with the integration of a cryptocurrency.

That is pretty cool, but indeed the model is very different and is not fully built on a blockchain.

Not a blockchain.
Has an erc20 token.
I stopped boosting things long before they had a token.
I've never looked to see what it is selling at because they sell them for less than what i need for the 3 years of interaction there.
Maybe, if they get a token here, that will change.

Your answer is in the finer details...

The way the platform is launched initially will be crucial. Voice is a really ambitious project to launch only one year after main net.

A lot will depend on the tokenomics.

Did you read about Weiss downgrading EOS today for being too centralised?

Just saw that on Twitter, yes.

There will never be a shortage of critics of any business/project/system. And Weiss is no Godly authority.

Ultimately, results matter more than opinions...

Very true. Will be interesting to see how it goes though and if it will be well received or not.

From memory one of the early controversies of STEEM was the ninja-mine for which I believe Dan wanted that stake distributed to new users and was of the understanding that it would be. I could be wrong, but this approach with Voice would be consistent with that sentiment.

The idea being to create a level playing field at the start of the project with no insta-whales or hugely unfair advantage granted to early adopters.

Although, it was also stated somewhere that the amount of Voice tokens to be distributed will decrease with time - so those that arrive first on the platform (and possibly are most active) may still have the advantage over later arrivals...

LOTS of RED FLAGS about Voice &

I've made an extensive post entitled Is EOS’s new Social Media Platform Facebook 2.0 Mark of the Beast? listing them.


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Very interesting. Like I mentioned before, I signed up for the Beta test. I got an email from them the other day, but we will see if I get fully approved. I saw a post by someone else that was expressing concerns about the KYC piece of Voice I haven't seen anything about that yet. Have you? I think there is definitely enough room out there for multiple platforms. People keep using Facebook and they get nothing for it. This would just be a more secure decentralized system. I hope anyway.