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Hi there,
I have just recently tried out the @threespeak IPFS app mentioned by @theycallmedan here.

This is a massive footstep into simplicity and decentralization, allowing everyone to help the network by decentralizing blockchain storage media, which is an essential luxury to the already proved to "work like a charm" #HIVE blockchain.

I will be exploring ways to help the network on this path as I have lots of infrastructure experience in this area. And storage!

My IPFS node

I had already played a lot of times with IPFS as an attempt to explore the code and actually ran into a few bumps because my test place is usually a mess... so, just for clarification, because I had forgotten I had already some configs from an old IPFS node on my Windows machine, that kind of made it not to work until I found it was being the problem.

So, if you already had tried any IPFS deployment on Windows, be sure to check the location C:\Users\<user>\.ipfs for any existing data and if that is populated, either move it somewhere else or delete it. Then, re-run the 3speak app and it should come up almost instantaneously.

It uses typical IPFS ports (4001 TCP/UDP, or if your router has UPnP, you just go ahead without having to re-direct any ports), so make sure you don't have anything using those ports before starting. Check any firewall if you didn't get any prompt message asking you to open any.

Here is a peak of it


I will be looking for video creators trying to get broadcast quality around Australia and New Zealand... as I wish to test my upload capabilities around these zones, but not limited to. So, if you wish your video to be distributed to this zone, please contact me with a link. For now, I will be dedicating 100GB to this, and if that proves to be sustainable, I will grow it to 2TB.

For now also and as a premium option, the 100GB will be running from a 2.5GB/s NVMe device. So, super quick storage. Should not matter much... for IPFS... but just as a marketing option.

A big WoW and props from myself!

Great work @threespeak team! Looking forward to more updates on this app... and I will for sure provide continuous feedback as I am a big user of decentralized technologies. Just a teasing question... any I2P or TOR plans? 😎



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