Bitcoin : Bullish or Bearish at 24000$

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Now we see money is moving in crypto and the ETH is overperformed Bitcoin same Binance is also doing. At one time bot were bitcoin as well as binance was going oe one with order of magnitude difference but thn with few good news Binance is on moon and Bitcoin is still struggling at 23000$. So when will be the next rally expected in crypto market dominated by bitcoin or do this time any other leader will play the role. It is very clear giant EVM will attracting more and more money since dapp can't be or very mch high cost on bitcoin compare to ETH, but still people are waiting for break out at 23800$ level and heading towards 26600$ level on Bitcoin and Altcoins will start recovery

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Honestly still can't figure this out self, cause the level at which the market is right now is not profitable irrespective of what we are seeing, so to me I will still say this ai another bearish Inside a bullish one too

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