Wednesday walk on Lake Vršac...!

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Today, like every other day after lunch, I like to take a walk, the bathing season has passed, but even if the autumn has come, the sight of this lake is very attractive, both for walking and for photos.

The water is healthy, healing and warm like spa water, the source of which has been determined to be the rest of the Pannonian Sea. There has never been a Pannonian Sea in the Banat area, and now there is a Pannonian lowland, very suitable for agriculture.



In summer it is very pleasant to swim, but autumn also has its charms like a palette of different colors, leaves that slowly fall in a light wind and the pop of this gentle sun that does not shine like in summer but is very pleasant for a walk by the lake.




Your Maya

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Wow, they are brilliant photos of a really stunning looking place!

Great work and I can't wait till next Wednesday to see more!

Thanks so much for sharing. 😀

Yes, it is very beautiful by the lake, you enjoy the freshness of the water in the summer, and in the autumn in the wonderful air and the palette of wonderful colors, thank you for the nice comment.

Well it's definitely on my future travel list for a nice summer holiday!

Thank you so much again and I'll see you soon I hope! 😀

what a lovely spot for a walk and your English is great

thanks for sharing and joining Wednesday walk :)

Thanks for the nice comment

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