Greenhouse Update~Two Weeks And What I Feed

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Topping Out

The ladies are getting very close to their maximum height. The straight sidewalls are 10 feet and that’s right about where we wanted the top buds to be. Most cannabis plants, if given the proper care, will add another 30-50% of their height in the first 10-20 days after the flower stage is initiated.


Stacks And Stacks

This rapid growth phase that occurs at the onset of flowering is often referred to as the shooting or stretching phase. Growers need to take this final growth spurt into account when making their plans. These started the flower phase between 7.5ft and 8.5ft and are going to finish between 10ft and 11ft. I’m pleased with the node spacing on these. With the initial stretching phase almost over, it’s always nice to see such closely spaced formations. “Stacking” like this will finish with the entire 18 inch branch coved in bud.


What I’m Feeding

Our grow medium is coco by Mills in collaboration with DNA Genetics using cork instead of perlite for aeration/drainage.

I’m stoked with this product and the no perlite aspect. When you read up on cork harvesting you find that the trees live 100 years longer with responsible bark harvesting than they do with no harvesting. That’s a cool symbiotic relationship.


Our nutrient line

for coco is House and Garden. We’ve tried so many lines over the years and have settled on this for now. It’s head and shoulders above the rest for quality of flower without sacrificing yields. We’ve used it for indoor, and greenhouse applications. The full line is highly tested and proven for many years by professional growers all over the world. The hybrid organic/synthetic combination of House & Garden gives plants the best of both worlds.


The Plants Are Fed Daily

This is a major commitment that a lot of growers don’t want to, or can’t make. Growing in soil requires watering/feeding much less frequently. A plant in amended soil and large container can be watered very little.

Our exact feeding regimen is valued intellectual property, but just following the feeding charts will give you fine results.

You can also use the base with other supplements, or use any of the supplements with any other feeding lines. We’re going to be using Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients as our P/K boost for this round. Possibly some M.O.A.B. by MadFarmer in the final ripening stage as well. House & Garden has Shooting Powder and it’s a great finishing product, but we will be reusing our coco and it’s tricky trying to guarantee no problem with the new plantings. These finishing products have high potassium and phosphorus levels that can burn the young transplants. We’ll be flushing the plants for a minimum 10 days (starting on day 49) using House & Garden Drip Clean for accelerated removal of salts and then the coco for another two weeks after harvesting along with enzymes in preparation for replanting.


No Matter How Carefully You Plan

When you’ve done absolutely everything you can think of to prevent problems, expect them still. The lesson of keeping a clean grow environment was learned long ago. Getting random clones from other growers, out of the question. Yet, even when starting with seeds, new grow media and a clean greenhouse that had been empty for years, we ended up getting russet mites from the surrounding environment.
We found them during weekly check with a scope. They were still very minor, and although I don’t recommend spraying anything on flowering plants, at this early stage, we couldn’t risk them getting out of hand and affecting plant health in coming weeks. We chose to use Nuke Em by Flying Skull. It’s OMRI listed, food safe, and we’ve used it before. You can use it right up to harvest with very little to no adverse effects. We just sprayed and saw a few dark hairs in the following days, mostly physical damage from the force of the sprayer, and no bugs.

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Hey @choosefreedom,

Thank you for giving some insight into the feeding regiment. This is an area I need to learn more about, so I will be paying close attention to the secrets that you reveal in cultivating these beasts.

There aren't many cannabis greenhouses in this world quite as amazing as yours is, that's for sure. Keep up the amazing work, and thanks so much for sharing! 😃

Thanks for checking in friend. We all have so much to learn from each other. May we continue to share knowledge for many years to come.

Thanks for giving us some insight into this grow. It is amazing at some of the stuff I do is from reading posts. I may not use it at the exact moment, but every once in a while I do find myself remembering what so and so said about this and that, and then implemented in my garden. That is cool about the cork harvesting. Such an amazing tree. I have always thought about doing a Coco grow, maybe in the future I will give it a go :)

Thanks for the love canna🙏

mites are a pain!✌

They sure are, and becoming endemic in many growing regions unfortunately. 🤙

You guys are doing it right and they all look amazing. Keep up the great work.

Thanks so much, it really is true that when you love what you do, you never work a day of your life. ✌️🤙

Wow, This so awesome and I can see why the cannabis plant looks so healthy.

Great work and this is the real definition of proper planting.😍

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Thanks for stopping by 🤙

The pleasure is mine.🥂👍🏻

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