New Greenhouse Update ~ Build and Transplant Complete

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Our new greenhouse

is finally finished and our plants are securely in their new home. It’s 20x40 with 10 foot tall straight sidewalls and a 14 foot peak. Only the top is plastic, the sides and ends are screened for best airflow. We may add additional plastic to the sides as flowering progresses if we find too much rain blowing in. For now it’s perfect.


We went with 65 gallon fabric pots,

the same size we used for our 800 outdoor plants in Humboldt. Many of those topped out over 10 feet tall, so we’re confident we’ll be able to finish these around the same size in these pots without problems. Our grow medium is coco by Mills in collaboration with DNA Genetics using cork instead of perlite for aeration/drainage. The plants are each caged with 6 foot tall fencing immediately after transplant for support throughout flowering.


Blackout tarps for light pollution

aren’t required by law here in Hawaii like they are now in California and other places. Even so, we’ll be pulling this interior tarp while we run lights out of respect for our neighbors. Some of which are budding their own crops right now.




For two or three weeks

we’ll run lights from 6pm to midnight. We want to give the plants time to root into the new containers before starting flower. We’re looking for our smallest plants to be at least 6 feet tall before the flower stage begins, targeting around 10 feet at finish.


Watch for weekly updates on the garden and thanks again to this beautiful community for being a place of unification in these very divisive times. Remember to #growyourown if you can, if not #knowyourfarmer ✌️💚 & #choosefreedom



Wow this is an absolute dream of a set up, and you certainly are making the best of it!

The plants look so healthy and lush. Great job @choosefreedom

I was scrolling posts on weedcash network and saw your post, I was away for a while and just came back not too long ago. It's nice to see you and I hope you have been well my friend! :)

Aloha my wise and Kind friend🤙 I was also away from our community here for a while. I’m delighted to find so many friends of the highest order still here. We need a way to stay in touch now more than ever. I am sending you and yours tidings of abundance as well, and I look forward to seeing you around ✌️

What a beautiful site! That's very generous of you all to use those tarps out of respect for your neighbors. I would say they would also come in handy if you all decided to do a light dep. Awesome work! Oh btw i bet your plants will extract more flavor with their roots seeping out of those smart pots into the earth. BRAVO!

Hey Jon🤙 No need for light dep in Hawaii. Plants will flower anytime of year here naturally when put outdoors. Our days never get very long in the tropics.

As for the roots getting into the rocks and picking up some special terroir, I am counting on it. Let me know if you are heading to the Big Island. I’d love to burn one (or more) with you. ✌️

OH for sure! I bet that herb will be some of the best in the world, With that elevation, climate, it damn near will be at least near the best!

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wow what a dream setup!

Thanks, I’m really happy with it. The screen sides make it soo much cheaper to run since I don’t need all the fans for airflow. It’s kinda like outdoor but with a cover, so the plants don’t get rained on. For my climate, this model seems ideal.

I was am insta fan when i read

We went with 65 gallon fabric pots

Sold :D

Awesome grow! I can only hope till i buy land that i an do something of sorts...

Thanks. I will be looking forward to seeing your garden someday soon. Until then you can live vicariously through #weedcash and the cannabis community here on hive. ✌️brother

Damn that's sexy af

Dave, my man, that means a lot coming from you! Thank you.

Thanks for sharing this green house for gardeners. I like gardening and greenery and feel fresh.