A New Cannabis Future in South Dakota

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Cannabis right now is illegal in South Dakota for both medicinal and recreational purposes. They also criminalize ingestion of cannabis, meaning that if you test positive you could be found guilty of a misdemeanor offense. It's time those rules change so that they can stop filling up cells with peaceful people.

And those changes might be coming soon.

Cannabis changes in South Dakota are coming up on the ballot in November.

If they are successfully passed then that would make way for the creation of a cannabis medical market in the region. People in the SD region would be able to seek doctor permission to obtain the license to use, for certain conditions and other restrictions like age etc.

There are two potential cannabis changes being proposed for November and the other would propose legalization for adults 21 and over, being allowed to possess up to an ounce.

Hopefully this won't be another failure for those proposed cannabis changes, as previous attempts to legalize have failed. People in SD should be given the freedom to grow cannabis, trade cannabis, consume cannabis, without being made into a criminal.

Spending thousands on every cannabis arrest.

It isn't worth spending thousands on every single cannabis arrest, potentially tens of thousands, when there are other issues that this money could go toward helping. The drug war hasn't won, cannot win, and it's harmful to continue engaging in it as police in SD and throughout the U.S. continue to do.

Cannabis Market Worth More Than GDP

The multi-billion dollar cannabis market, despite being only legalized in a few states, is still more lucrative than several states and their overall GDP. This includes places like Delaware, Alaska, and South and North Dakota.

If those few states that have upcoming cannabis initiatives in November, like South Dakota and others, make the neccessary changes then that could mean billions more flooding into the American cannabis market.

Recent surveys show that cannabis changes might be able to pass this time around in South Dakota, there is some hope for those who want the changes made.

One recent poll found that roughly 60 percent of voters are ready for a change.

Even more, at least 70 percent, support a medical cannabis program to be established.

There is a great deal of support for cannabis legalization and much of that effort has been fueled by the efforts of grassroots cannabis activists, many of which are patients.